slashes instead of periods?

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1. braille0109,

hi all, so this has been bugging me for a while, so thought I'll raise it now. since the subject may be misleading, let me explain. least try and explain. on the forum, over here, we currently use periods (may be called differently depending on your location, dot/full stop but it's the same thing) instead of slashes, in dates. so for instance, you'd have 24.1.2017. whether day month year, honestly, I couldn't care less, and this topic isn't about date formats. but, hearing 24.1.2017 with a screen reader, for me at least, is confusing. mainly because you're keep hearing dot dot over and over again. it's annoying as well. could it be changed so that we use slashes instead? so something like 24/1/2017? I understand for those who have punctuation on this may be worse, but as it currently stands, you hear the dot whether you choose to or not.

2. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Totally agree with you. Slashes already are more correct.

3. Aminiel,


The date formats currently are:

I can change the particular date format for a language if you want. For french, I chose dots insteand of slashes for two reasons:

For others, I don't know their national format and/or if one or more speech synthesis engines interpret the date in another format. So I kept the default English/american format, by ignorance.

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It is quite annoying indeed. And it is not specificly with Eloquence but also other synthesizer, as of now I am talking while using Acapela. Even so, I don't find what is so annoying if it says June 16 or whatever, it would rather be better than dots

5. Mayana,

At least here in Slovenia, when writing dates, there is always a space after the dot. I think that just changing it to something like 16. 6. 2017 could solve the problem.

6. braille0109,

guys, I'm in the UK, but that shouldn't matter, as my issue is not with the date formats, and I have specified that. my issue, and so are other's is dot dot dot. so 16 dot 06 dot 2017. we don't want these dots. unfortunately, after some investigation, it seems as if some TTS like microsoft hazel, say the actual date. so like the 16th of June, 2017.
unfortunately, eSpeak, acapela, and eloquence do not. the date formats are cool as they are. we want slashes instead of periods, as the subject says. :)

7. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I agree with that, although I am Arabic but I use English daily. I even wondered why dots were put in than commas, but as Aminiel said, he can edit it, just he doesn't know the case with other languages, and I doubt he would do something for English part and leave the rest

8. braille0109,

first, I want to apologise for my earlier post, in case it came across a little rude. secondly, it seems as if dashes will do the job, as well, according to eloquence. of course, it all depends on the developers, and what they think of it.

9. sound2,

Personally, the date format thing is something I can live with. Now and then I have to figure it out, but otherwise, it's fine. I'm not worried either way, smiles.

10. Nikola,

Instead of figuring out date format for all languages, simply add an option in the account settings to choose preferred date format. I might speak more languages, but i might want a different format. Plus as you said, it would solve the French vs switzerland format.

11. helleon,

guys, are you completely serious? we have new games being added to playroom on a rather frequent basis, and all you guys have found to complain about is how your screen-reader reads the dates of the newest version's release? Why do you even care? Out of the kindness of my heart i will suggest you find something more productive to do.

12. Nikola,

Come on Helleon, first of all it's not the date of newest version, rather all dates on the forum. Second, new games are definitely great, but this what people are talking about is a very small thing, and rather easy to change. Yes it is important how screen reader reads dates, certainly not as important as for example a bug in a game but it is important. It's not all about adding new stuff.

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