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1. helleon,

Hi. For a while now I have noticed that a game's spectators are listed as 'busy.' I believe this should be changed so that spectators are listed as either 'available' or even better, 'spectating. It is often the case that a spectator is only spectating because there are not many games in progress or not many people online. In my opinion making the online public believe a player is busy when he or she is spectating is misleading, when in fact that player may be waiting for a game. Perhaps the better idea might even be to list the players with 'spectator mode' on as busy and list the rest as available, indicating that those with SM enabled wish to spectate. I don't know how hard this would be to do.

2. YNWA,

That is an excellent suggestion.

3. Nikola,

Yep, i was always thinking that spectators should be listed as available, makes much more sense.

4. Everyone,

I agree!

5. Raki,

Wize words from Sir Patric! I agree, this is an excelent suggestion.

6. Vojvoda,

Agree with Helleon

7. Dayan ,

Completelly agree.

8. tiny,

good just here when a person pressed f3 is spectator by default and most spectators doesn't press f3 they just enter in a game when this is in progress so this is an other challenge, should list these as spectator too

9. Vojvoda,

Well, everyone who is not playing should be spectator

10. tyson,


11. Saniel_Morse,

Well here I'm putting a little pinch of salt; agreed! :D

12. bloodsharp,

i think that is a great idea patric

13. Vojvoda,

I need to say something if I can. This is one topic after a long time that everyone agreed on something.

14. Mayana,

I support the suggestion. Come on guys, lets all keep on agreeing.

15. AmineTrichine,

I don't agree. Simply because I don't want to. If you don't like it ignnore this post and move on.
Haha jk, in fact I couldn't agree more.

16. Sajad-Aliraqi,


17. Nikola,

Happy to report that this is officially implemented in the last reboot.

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