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1. Nikola,

Hello, i'd like to request that this is changed. I do understand why is this implemented, cause of spam and such things. However, those who spam will be banned anyways and the posts will be removed, and if you really want to spam you'll just create new topics, so this doesn't prevent anything. At least if you are against this, allow the original poster to reply on his topic more than once. Currently if i need to send anything related to my tournament, i'll need to wait for someone to say something. Now i can edit my message, but to be honest noone will see that, as noone will notice those edits. Another option if you really feel this does prevent spamming somehow, is to not allow replying more than once but in 30 minutes.
Hope this will be taken in to consideration.

2. Vojvoda,

Or 3 replies in a row would be cool too. Though 30 minutes sounds more logical.

3. Nikola,

If you mean being able to reply 2 times and not 3, then yeah i guess that could work too. A lot of solutions to that actually, and the one currently being used just prevents legitimate users and not spammers.

4. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Assuming that there are a lot of spam posts, that happens pretty rare, that is, if this happens already. I even myself haven't seen any spammer posting here so far. If they wanna spam, they could do it any way they can. So, totally agree with you.

5. Nikola,

There was Abdul spamming once, but he was spamming with topics and not with replies so yeah, the limit doesn't stop anything.

6. Muhammad_Hajjar,

That's right. This won't stop anything as Abdulrahman was spamming by posting new topics, not posts as you've stated. So yeah.

7. AmineTrichine,

Correct me if I am wrong, but can't you reply after a certain time passes? I don't know, 30 mins was it?

8. Nikola,

You can't. There's a reply option in the windows client, but that just exists and nothing else.

9. Dayan ,

Even Abdulrahman was spamming in the same topic. You know, multiple account, multiple personality.

10. AmineTrichine,

Well then. Seeing from what happened before, and how abdul a perfect example of spam was doing it before, this inability to reply 2 times in a row is just pointless, it stops nothing. Or is it there so the admins will have something less to wory about?

11. Nikola,

Well, multiple accounts is a different thing.

12. Dayan ,

Anybody who likes to spam can easily create another account for that matter. So I think we could be able to post twice. Not sure if 3 times but twice yes, or at least let some time to pass, I don't know, something. As when we can send 3 messages at once at a free table. We have some kind of timer there, so it could actually work.

13. YNWA,

I don't see anything wrong with trialing a second post for topics that you have posted to originally. If this system gets abused then Aminiel could always set it back to one as it is now. I have to say things have changed in terms of the forum so why not give it a try.

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