Banning without a fair reason.

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1. koochehhaayehdeltangi,

Hi people. I'd like to ask does any of you had some accounts that was banned by admins in the past without a fair reason? For example, you do not spammed, cheeted, insulted etc. But your account got directly banned for a long days, This thing is verry discussing for me, please post your ideas. Thank you all advance!

2. Mayana,

Publicly saying that you were banned in the past is a very good way to get banned again. When admins ban someone, it's usually done so that person doesn't come back.
I wasn't banned yet, BTW. I hope it stays that way.

3. Vojvoda,

If he was banned without a reason surely he should not stay silent about that.

4. Mayana,

I'm not saying that he should stay silent. I'm just saying that talking about it privatly might be better. I'm not saying that would work, though. Really depends on which admin he annoyed.

5. Vojvoda,

He did not even say that he got banned. We all know that post like this, which should disscuss the bans can be posted only with a sense to provocate admins.
So, I understand him.

6. koochehhaayehdeltangi,

As long as admins usually doesn't answer, I'm just posted this to know more about this topic. And yes, I had some accounts but they've got banned directly without any spamming, cheeting, insulting etc. And some admins aren't answer or when i'm asking them about the reason of my last account, i'm getting a new reply with banning the same account which I'm currently online with. But I did not told I have issue about this thing directly, I'm just asked to you guies to know if there is any new rules about gameroom, let me to know them, otherwise maybe the reason of banning will be blank only, as far as I have saw some people who got their accounts banned from here.

7. Fawaz,

Multiple accounts not allowed. so talking from one account about another account you're giving them fare reason to ban you.
usually many get ban for same reason, multiple accounts.

8. koochehhaayehdeltangi,

No. The reason is: trash.

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