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1. shawnmays,


I have been playing UNO on here for a while now. I always like the concept of the rules the way they're set currently. I would like to see a version of this on the playroom where you can set up teams in UNO like you can in most games. It would be nice to have four teams of two no more than that. This is just my suggestion. I would like for everyone to rally around this concept let's team UNO!


2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I wanted to suggest the same. However I do not think if it could be possible, since skips and reverses or wilds can make an issue in that state. But I agree, if it somehow done

3. Nikola,

That doesn't make an issue. However, this was suggested in the past and refused. Can't exactly recall why, but try searching the forums.

4. shawnmays,

I hear the concerns to the team UNO, here is the thing though. It could be done. The skip and the wilds wouldn't be that much of a problem all they would have to do is make it where it skips the other player from the other team(s). It could be done if we all unified and show interest. everyone hashtag #TeamUNO

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