new categories in quiz party?

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1. TheOracle,

new categories in quiz party:

I think their should be a general knolledge one, for those questions that don't quite fit in to any of the existing categories

I also think their should be a random one, which when you choose that one, selects any question from any category and asks it.

also it might be usefull when submitting a question, if you're not sure what category it goes under, to submit it to like an unsorted category, so the validators can place it where they think it belongs

2. Nikola,

Hello, personally agree with general knowledge. Regarding random one, Aminiel has said it wont be added because he doesn't want this game to be so much luck based.

3. Vojvoda,

I agree to have category which should select random question from a random category. I don't know if Aminiel said that it's based on luck, if he did sorry but that's nonsense.

4. YNWA,

I don't think having a random question is a good idea and I agree Aminiel wouldn't be in favour of that.

The General Knowledge suggestion has already been made with a pot luck category which effectively is the same thing and if you read previous subjects you will find Aminiel didn't want it. We have to try to match the questions you/we send in with the existing subjects. and that for some of the questions is tricky and is debatable if we got right, so don't be surprised if you see a question in one category one week and it in a different week the next. Personally I agree with you that we do need a pot luck category where we can put questions that really don't fit in any other category. I do understand Aminiel's thinking that people could get lazy and if have any doubt to just put it in the pot luck category as that would be much easier to do. My own opinion is that I would have just 2 tv categories and have a Pot luck instead. It woule be interesting to see what others think.

5. Nikola,

i don't know how is a random question good, three categories you can select at the beginning are already random, and everybody gets a chance to pick something they like.

6. helleon,

I think "box sets and cartoons" should be merged with "television and medias." In other words, the questions in the box sets and cartoons category being put with television and medias instead, i.e. merging the two as one and keeping the name television and medias.

7. TheOracle,

I actually asked about this, and what I was told was that the television and media category was more to do with the stars of the shows, not the actual shows.

but I do agree with merging them

8. YNWA,

I think you were fed some wrong information. The television category can be about game shows such as family fortunes, Wheel of fortune, and many more. People forget that there is UK/American versions too and forget to say that in their question. You have television programmes about, food, anteiques, gardening, sport, history, wild life, documentaries, Lifestyle, medical and many more. You have soaps, chatshows, Don't forget Weather and news presenters. You have Television history and advertisements. You also have virtual reality such as Big brother, Love Island, I'm a celebrity get me out of here and more. Then of course Music shows/dance like X-Factor, come dancing and the voice. Chuck in a bit of comedy as well as Eurovision and then I guess you are done. For someone that doesn't really watchTV then that is not bad lol. Then I forget some like Judge Judy and some of those lets say bun fights that have come here like Jeremy Kyle where people just shout each other down as they try to go one further than Jerry Springer.

9. Aminiel,


As I have alread explained multiple times, the three categories have nothing in common:

  1. YNWA has well explained above what should be in the TV/media category. It isn't directly in the category name, but don't forget also about radio, and about newspapers, press and journalism-related questions, which should also go there (perhaps the word "media" isn't clear enough?)
  2. "Box sets" was initially named "Series and cartoons". I took the first one thank to community suggestions, but the second title probably much better says what I intended to have there.
  3. Cinema is exclusively about films, by opposition to cartoons, series and TV shows.

I think the three aren't the same:

  1. You can watch the TV (or listen to the radio) for specific emissions only: news/weather, games, eintertainment/music/satyric shows, reality TV, etc. but never watch films or series
  2. You can watch series traditionally on TV, but also without never turning the TV on (netflix!)
  3. You can be cinema-holic but never watch series at all

For instance, myself, I regularely watch news, from time to time I like having a good film, sometimes watch quiz-based TV games, but don't seriously follow any serie such as Game of Thrown; I'm just not interested.

In short, habits are multiple; so why I defend three different categories for three things that sometimes seem similar, but are in fact three different worlds not always all followed by the same people.

For the "pot luck" / "random" / "throw here everything that doesn't fit somewhere else" category, I don't want to propose such category because I'm a little afraid.
I think it's the best way to have a lot of questions that will never be sorted, and their number will quickly exceed well sorted ones.
We are all foundamentally faoul people. Even if validators tell that they will be careful, I'm 100% sure that it will eventually happen.
Of course if most of the questions are unsorted, it destroys the concept of choosing a category; everybody will always choose the pot luck, and we will ahve a game of chance. That's why I enforce 15 categories, no more, no less.

However, if the 15 categories are unappropriate because of cultural differences, we can always delete one, remplace it by another one, and merge or split questions. For example for the TV/media vs. box sets vs. cinema above, if you really think they don't reflect well british/american/English speaking world, and if you are more than just a few people thinking so, let's change them. Tell me; I'm not british, nor American, nor from any other English speaking country, so there are perhaps differences I completely ignore.

10. YNWA,

I understand why you wouldn't want a pot Luck category and it is true people would choose Pot Luck when they are on sure of other categories and take their chance they may know the random question. At the moment people have a choice of 3 categories so intheory all 15 categories should come up after 5 questions. You have been flexable and have allowed more than just 15 categories so if we take science we could get questions about:


and many more, but sometimes there really are questions that really don't fit in anywhere and do need to be in a Pot Luck Category. I suggest we have a 16th category called Pot Luck. I suggest that we get the option of choosing 2 categories per question. I also suggests we have rounds like other games. This would mean that we have 8 questions per round and all categories are used per round. It would mean that people would have to choose half the questions per round. If the first question is a choice of History and sport people would have to choose one of them. The options could be selected at random but the same category once selected cannot beselected again for that round. This mean that people would only get the option of selecting Pot Luck once per round and it would mean that half the subjects must be chosen in each round.

That is something I think could work and it would mean people could pause the game at the end of every round. Of course you may not want to choose this idea but it could work.

11. Fawaz,

BTW, talking about medias, why some tec questions in media category I understand they are social medias, but still I feel they should be in science and tec, like when the youtube launched or facebook or whatever.
And I agree, siries and cartoons better, my self I posted most siries questions in medias before.

12. doggo ,

I wish technology had it's own category. Some things in there just aren't connected. I saw questions about train stations. Another thing: When will question signaling be fixed? A lot of questions related to audio games are very wrong and just confusing, i've been meaning to signal them but it doesn't work.

13. YNWA,

Box sets is the correct term you just have to look at amazon, Netflicks, shops etc. That is the modern up-to-date term. If you wanted to buy a series that is where you would look. You are correct that some questions have put in the wrong category and they will be corrected in time. Some questions can fit in more than one category so that is a matter of opinion. If you are shorter in one area then you are more likely to put a question where you have less questions if they fit in both categories. It is easy to have 20 or even 30 categories but Aminiel doesn't want that. Imagine if we had 30 categories when we had only 300 questions? People then would have just have complained that we had too many of the same questions.

There are 2 solutions as i see it. The first is to add the 16 cagegory and have 1 round with 8 questions with 2 choices of categories. As the categories will be still chosen randomly then in theory people should be choosing more different subjects. The other option is change one of the categories so we have just 2 Television categories and a pot luck. If we do have a Pot Luck then it is less likely we have strange questions in the wrong place.

14. helleon,

Perhaps, instead of having a pot luck or misc category, the way to go might be to have an option on the category list when playing to have the system choose a totally random question from a totally random category. And yes Ynwa I take your point. i suppose you just can't put donald duck and jeremy kyle in the same family.

15. the-raven,

A suggestion that would be easy to implement is changing the name of the category 'arts and creations' to 'arts and theatre' as well as 'culture and beliefs' instead of 'tradition and beliefs' - in this way a lot of questionable decisions about several questions could be solved.

16. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I must though now agree with the raven for changing those category names. It would actually save a lot of time and throws questions to their right position.

17. YNWA,

13. Arts & creations: here goes all the arts that don't go in other categories, for example
painting, Pottery, sculpture and architecture. This includes the textile and creative industries such as wool, cotton and other fabrics , plus fashon. Theatre and Ballet are also classified as the arts. We also include questions about Museums, Castles and other famous buildings or tallest buildings and the likes.

Many subjects are covered, As I have said I would have had a Pot Luck category but if that is not possible then things should be left as they are. I would change Entertainment to Hobbies as that category should cover what people like to do when they have free time.

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