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1. Nikola,

Hello. It would be nice if, when browsing the tables list for a specific game, you could press s to view scores, or r to view options activated. The first letter navigation already doesn't do anything in this menu, and I think this would be very useful. For example, you might join a game in progress and the master might restart the game for you, but you don't like the options with which they like playing.

2. Everyone,

I like this... A lot!

3. tiny,

hi, i think it's impossible, but when you joined simply press r and here the options then leave immediatly before give a chance for master to restart it, if you don't like the options. sometimes i did that specially for rummy.

4. Nikola,

That's not really a solution, and it certainly isn't impossible to implement. Also i didn't ask for this suggestion simply because of restarts, that was just an example of why it can be useful.

5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I would though agree, since letter navigation would not do something here. But I think then it requires a client update because the letter navigation automatically works in those menus, so Aminiel will have to change them I believe.

6. Nikola,

We don't know how that is coded. Plus, why whenever something requires a client update it's automatically not possible? The client doesn't have size of 1 gb so we can't get an update once in a while.

7. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Because those menus and design are clientside, I don't know if it can be possible serverside though

8. tiny,

however they not did many importent offers such as fix the @ problem that cause we send wrong messages here, i think won't do that too.

9. Vojvoda,

Agree with this idea, it happens many times that the master restarts and I don't like the options. Then I don't feel like leaving or playing.

10. Ferrumite,

Or what about telling it automaticly, like on RSGames?

11. the-raven,

agree about this idea

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