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1. Everyone,

So there's this discussion about the whole uno league, and whether or not to use time limits. One of the problems people often point out is that there is no quick way to see whether someone has disconnected in case you miss the spoken message, and that's a valid point. My suggestion is to have sounds which play whenever someone disconnects or reconnects. They don't have to be loud/drawn out, in fact it would probably be better if they were fairly subtle but loud enough to be noticeable. This would not only help for the uno league, but also for a game of, say, yahtzee or farkle with a lot of players, where the chatting might cause people to miss disconnection messages. That way they don't have to scroll all the way back in the history buffers to see if anything happened. I understand this won't cover everything, because sometimes people's connectoin drops and the game does not say they suddenly disconnected until they reconnect, but I think this would still help quite a bit.
I'm not sure if an update to the client is required for this, it wouldn't surprise me but I don't know. But I still think this would be a good feature to have.

2. Cristina,

Oh, yes, this is a great idea, I absolutely agree with it.

Personaly, I would be glad to have what the player, everyone has just suggested, because I often lose that message when a player gets disconnected.

hope it will be possible to be implemented.


3. YNWA,

I agree that is a good idea but you do have to be careful with how many sounds you have. In terms of Uno if people have a faulty connection then not a lot can be done. People can turn Off Skype and dropbox that will help them a bit.

4. fire-starter,

well its not that hard to listen for a certain sound imo

5. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Agree with you. Great idea.

6. Ferrumite,

it needs a client update accept if aminiel wants to use one of the sounds in the game. Suggestion is cool, but there is still a chanse that nobody heers the sound at witch point it's better to see it in the w list but it's not inportant.

7. Dayan ,

I also agree, completelly. But sadly there would be people abusing of it by disconnecting and reconnecting, then the sound could get a bit annoying. Another suggestion would be maybe that a game gets paused when someone disconnects but... I don't really know. I'm just a player saying what passes through her mind :D

8. Nikola,

Well you can abuse a lot of things, that's why kicking exists. Pausing a game could be an option for masters to toggle, so it can be used on tournaments.

9. AmineTrichine,

@big_gun we already know that playroom has a way to download nonexisting sounds, since we sometimes notice it saying downloading soudname.ogg whatever.

10. Everyone,

Yeah, you can already abuse friends lists by repeatedly leaving/entering the playroom, and the table as well. About not having too many sounds... Fair enough, but that's why I suggested the sound should not be too loud. Also like I said this is not necessarily just for uno.

11. Ferrumite,

yeah I fought so, because I cant find any sounds for backgammon or belot in the qcgc
sounds folder.

12. Nikola,

I've never heard it download a sound. It does download lng files, but never saw it getting sounds. Belote and backgammon don't have any new sounds, they either use old sounds or in case of belote, when you say belote and rebelote it adjusts the pitch of a sound to make it sound different.

13. Ferrumite,

hum, belot yes, but backgamon is shoorly accessed somewhere else, anyway aminiel will hopefully reply to this topic.

14. Nikola,

No, give me a sound from backgammon that you think is new and i will tell you from where it is. If you mean token sounds, they are from chess, reversy and connect four.

15. Vojvoda,

I already wrote a post about getting new sounds, so i fully agree on this. I think also that disconnecting and reconnecting is put in global messages, if it is so then maybe changing it to table messages would be good. Also for the audio streaming proposal maybe we should get one sound because I miss the stream almost always LOL

16. Ferrumite,

@nikola I meen those sounds when you capture or remove a token.

17. Nikola,

When you capture one, it's a sound when you draw a domino in dominos. Making tokens go out of the board is a changed pitch of a sound, can't remember exactly which one now.

18. Maldalain,

I also think it can be a good idea to add some kind of a buzzer in Uno when a player wants a pause, you need to squander 'wait wait wait' messages so that the other players can pause for you.

19. StormProductions,

Good iddea

20. play_romania1,


21. AmineTrichine,

there is my proof that client can download sounds. I am not making this up, Downloading of sounds/reverse3.ogg finished.

22. Nikola,

Ok, you are right. Tested by deleting a sound and the client succesffully downloads it. I know it wasn't the case before, but since it's the case great. I'm still not sure that this will work without an update, but at least we can get new sounds for games hopefully sometime

23. play_romania1,

This sound nice!

24. Alicanto ,

I completely agree with that on the sounds thing for connections and or disconections. Though it should be added to the rules that if you freaking abuse of it cause you think it's funny, you get banned by a report. Sure, it can be nasty, but it'll help a lot when you're focussed on some other random thing and one of your comrades or enemies falls down

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