Helping out QuentinC's Gameroom

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1. StormProductions,


First of all, I'd like to introduce myself:
My name is Nicușor Untilă, also known as Storm Productions. I'm from republic of Moldova and I'm 16.
Since I saw that helpers aren't so active during the day (my time), I'd like to help the game out:
Well, what I can do?

  1. Be a helper (answer to people's questions and help them out when needed (I'm on playroom for like 3 years so yeah));
  2. Give out visual help to @Aminiel when he wants to make some new design/graphics to the web and the game itself ("m sighted so I can).
  3. I'd also like to translate but as I don't speak French this is impossible.
    So what my question is, can I help the game out with something? Just tell me what are you looking for and I'll be glad to do my best to help out.
    BTW, sorry for not typing this privately to @Aminiel, but he disabled the permanent messages from everyone, and as I don't have him in my friend list, I can't do it.

Thank you and have a good morning, day, evening, night however, depending on your location ;)

2. Nikola,

If you get to be a helper i'm deleting the account right away. I'll only say 2 things: 1. You spam when you get drunk, and such immature people will never be helpers and 2. You lie. •Registration date : 26.03.2017 09:15:21

3. Mazdak ,

God damn it. Just lol...

4. StormProductions,

This is a new account. I had some old accounts that were taken by other friends of mine.

5. Muhammad_Hajjar,

No comment. Oupse that is a comment already. Lol.

6. Nikola,

So your other account still exists? Might not be a bad idea to read the rules first.

7. Nilla,

Yes, this is what big spammers do. They behave nice to developers and once they get what they wanted... God. Can't imagine what a mess. Storm becomes admin, I am gone from here and maybe not only me. Anyway, Aminiel, he's in your hands. Btw I am Diana Ramírez, from Mexico, 20 years old and I am here at playroom since May 10, 2014 even if I recreated this account recently. No, I don't wanna be helper, I just was nice and introduced myself back. :D

8. AmineTrichine,

Hells yeah i'm sighted but I use a screen reader just because I can. Screw those people who thought I am actually blind. I also crash people's screen readers because I am a bastard and I ly and spam a lot. Oh, and mi no know good engalish, can I move on with mi life plise?

Latest edition by AmineTrichine, Oct 16 2017 12:52:30

9. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Storm will be a helper when Pluto becomes apple juice, when television becomes shoes and when he takes a picture with Tony Cruz

10. Aminiel,


Anyway it's out of the question, he's only 16; it's too young.

11. Nilla,

I know very smart people who are young. I was very smart when I was 16, at least. :D No, being serious, yes, I know young people so, but most of them are just... Well, not really the best ones to be an administrator or helper on this platform or any other one, and I honestly think that Storm is one of those who are not enough mature and responsible to carry with so hard task, as helping here at this platform is. I have been administrator at a place less organized than here (survive the wild), and I know how hard task it can be. A lot of people want to be administrators/helpers to take something from it or because they think they will have some advantages due it, and the truth is that yes, there are some advantages, but helping at a place like this one, I would dare to say, is nothing easy. So I wonder why does Storm suddenly changes from a spammer to someone who wants to help, why suddenly he decides to stop spamming and opens his heart to help people. Hey I was falling asleep and I almost wrote opening people, I am sorry :D. And returning to it, how mature can be a person who, after reading what I posted on this forum sends me a message asking me not to destroy his reputation and saying that I hate him? First, I can't destroy what is already destroyed, second, thinking that I hate him is a bit... Immature? At least, as I see it. I don't hate someone only for making some comments about him/her. Anyway, I'm off by saying, young people can be smart and responsible, too.

12. StormProductions,


I don't see the problem in relation to age. As Dayan mentioned, there are people that are smart even at 14-15 years old.
@Dayan, I don't want to be a spammer anymore, because I'm bored of that. I just want to help, but if that's not possible, I'll continue playing and doing what I can do.

Thank you, have a nice time.

13. Muhammad_Hajjar,

I myself couldn't beleive this guy is a spammer, since he's polite as seems. Well the thing that made me stop playing such games like stw, redspot, sbyw and so on is the age's matter, so I totally agree when it comes to this.

14. StormProductions,

I'm not being polite to convince Aminiel to make me a helper, cause this is his decision and I won't bother him with that.

15. sami,

Wait a minute... I thought Aminiel said that he and his team wasn't going to discriminate against someone simply because of their age. So did something trigger Aminiel/the team to change their mind? And anyway, how would they even know of one's age to begin with? Do they ask that when interviewing new applicants for helper? If so, Aminiel, I would suggest you guys evaluate the maturity of the overall person, not just reject them simply because they're a minor. As someone else pointed out, there are many mature sixteen/seventeen year-olds out there who could potentially do the job. Hopefully I won't get banned for saying this, but Aminiel's comment in this topic makes it sound as though they only want people who are over 18 to become helpers, but if I'm remembering correctly, he said in the original helper's topic two years ago that they weren't going to discriminate against someone just because of their age. Thanks

16. Aminiel,

No, I won't discriminate anyone just because of his/her age.
That's right, 16 is very often too young, but there are sometimes exceptional people.
Here I don't know him at all and nothing shows me that he's especially made for the job.

However, people who publicly say I want to be moderator are often poor choice.

I must tell you a secret: it seems that, very often, the best people are those who speak the least; or equivalently, those who speak the most are often doing less.
More specifically, the right people know where and how to contact us for real.

17. Nilla,

At some point I wanted to be a helper. I really enjoyed helping people, solving problems, answering questions and having a nice game with them, even if I was not one, but eventually I stopped caring for that, not because I worry less, but because then, I was 17 years old and my english was poor, even now it's not the best one but before it was even worse. :D then the second thing for why I gave up on it, was because my history is not clean here, had a few bans and comebacks and I was like... OK, so never is gonna happen, delete it of your head. At the end I decided not to contact you because I wouldn't be accepted and because people instead of taking my help would start complaining of all and think that as helpers we could do everything. (My own experience) And personally I think that those ones who are too desperate for being an admin/helper aren't exactly desperate for helping people, but as I said, to take advantage of the benefits that it brings. Anyway, those who want it the most are those who either don't do a thing for playroom, or they end up leaving or not caring, only when they need of it. Oh! and talking about helpers and translators, where is mrs Mayya?

Oh, and if you really wanna help people, help them without being a helper. Might have some limitations but your abilities as a person won't ever be limited.

18. StormProductions,


Guys, please don't understand me wrong.
I haven't asked to be a helper, I just told what I can help QuentinC's Gameroom with.
I'll continue helping people without being a helper. It's Aminiel and his team's decision.

Have a nice time.

19. Slavista,

You will allways find your way to help to this program... For example try to show this platform to people from your country who didn't know it... Try to help them with creation of accounts, help them with learning new games etc...

20. AmineTrichine,

I would rather help myself not to insult people spam them or crash their eloquence to be honest. It's way important than helping my own country. This post was meant to be as an advice for storm to stop doing all that stuff, he's known for it and he doesn't feel gilty doing it what so ever.

21. Alicanto ,

oh my freaking god. Lol, I know in all communities are problems, but when it comes to spanish they really rock. And english, I don't exactly know it at all just because I'm not from this community. I was, well till I found the spanish one xd. I just got to say oh my gosh at storm. Really dude? asking for an admin/helper place? Well I don't know you well and stuff but if you publicly ask for that one you're being certainly demoted. It looks you want something that you can't do on the standard playroom. And indeed, at some point I also wanted to be a spanish admin, I have plenty of knoledge of most of the behavement in there and of course of most of the rules that some of them love to break, but I'm kind of... too shy to contact aminiel, my english writing is not perfect at all, and wellI don't really have time at all to help moderate or inprove it a little. Spanish people have their mainroom closed due to some individuals who spammed a lot, insulted theirselves plainly and so the other three admins just decided it that way. What I'll rather do, dude, is get some more experience, try to control myself a little and quit spamming or whatever you were doing, get some more knoledge of this thing, slowly know aminiel or how his team works, then of course have a clean history and then try to ask for an admin place or however it's called. You could come with proposals for them or what you think would convince them. Try so. Just some tips. And, as some of you guys were telling some admin experiences I gotta say I just was admin of ultrapower, stayed only on the spanish shide, then the code got leaked and babbye dear UP. It's all I got to say

22. StormProductions,

Oh, it wasn't too hard to be an admin of UP. That game just sucks.

23. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Agree with storm, it's not that thing, actually. I was also an admin on one of the main servers that time but yeah, it's nothing but a messed up thingy.

24. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I have the long day free, and I am 17 for now. That being said, I am not immature or mindless, we all are living in a life that teaches the stones what are the hard experiences, and life doesn't ask me for my age to test me, so my age doesn't measure my maturity. But I haven't asked to be an admin nor a helper either, because it's all about when someone will get what he wants in the time. Though I have free time to help as I said

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