My soundpack for Playroom

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1. StormProductions,


As I mentioned in one of my previous topics, I made my first soundpack for playroom, with all sounds stereo!
The sounds aren't copyrighted, so feel free to use them in your projects too.
Download link:
Enjoy and let me know what you think about it.

2. MuhammadHajjar,

The page you were looking for appears to no longer be there.

3. StormProductions,

For me it works. Are you sure you are typing the correct link?

4. MuhammadHajjar,

Not typing, but clicking it.

5. Nikola,

Link definitely dead

6. ruray,

the link works correctly, guys. Great pack man.

7. Nikola,

Lol how does it work?

8. StormProductions,

For me it also works. Make sure you're selecting the whole link before copying it into your browser address bar.
Here's the link again:
If it still doesn't work, let me know where can I upload it (excepting Dropbox where my links are banned) and I'll be glad to.

Thanks for trying it out and for your appreciation guys, and have a nice time.

9. Nikola,

Man, why should i select the link, copy and paste it when i can activate it directly from both the client and web? Here is what i get when doing that: This file/folder could not be found.
About places where you can upload, i've used multiple cloud storage services and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so i'll just briefly list them here and you can choose based on what you want: Dropbox: Gives you 2GB but loves banning all your links for one file which they find malicious and it can easily be a false positive, and their support for solving that issue is non existent. I got my links unbanned just cause i was lucky and they replied to me. Google drive: Gives you 15 GB, but the software loves being unstable at times and sharing links might be a bit trickier to get to with screen readers, unless you use the Android app or the web interface. One drive: So far, this one has all my love. Microsoft just did this right. The only real disadvantage is that you get only 5 GB as a free user, but if you use windows 10 it's so well integrated in to the platform, so i recomment you check that out instead.

10. dzoni ,

Here is link from drobox

11. StormProductions,

Thank you, Dzoni for making a Dropbox link for people to download.

12. MuhammadHajjar,

Just to comment on the dropbox matter, talking as a dropbox plus user, they interact nicely with plus subscribers, as I had my links banned twice but they've unbanned them after contacting them immediately. About me I'm pretty happy with dropbox, however I think they take more time to response for free users which might cause dissatisfaction.

13. StormProductions,

Right, but not all people have the money to move to the Plus version of Dropbox.

14. the-supreme-AI,

how do i make the soundpack work, i've got it downloaded, i've extracted it, now what?

15. Nikola,

Copy the sounds to app data/roaming/qcgc/sounds

16. the-supreme-AI,

do i have to delete the sounds before i do it?

17. Dayan,

Just replace the folder for the new one.

18. Mazdak ,

Lol, the farkle sound for losing point is such as RS-Games, but it is totally good. The 1000miles one is more natural. Thanks.

19. StormProductions,

Thanks guys for your appreciation.

20. Mazdak ,

Storm, isn't there any way to set the typing sound durring the type? For example, when I'm typing, I hear the typing sound durring the type like ultrapower.

21. Nikola,

Nope, only Aminiel can do that, but that is so unnecessary and I always hated programs making unnecessary sounds. Ok, in the case of UP it's not a real GUI so they must do things like that, but do you use sounds while typing into the standard windows text boxes? If it ever gets added, i know i'll be doing some sound editing :)

22. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It is good but the chat sound is too long, especially if you enter a table with a lot of people you get spammed long the road

23. Ferrumite,

exactly. That sound would be cool for a notification when somebody is typing. And why shouldn't we get when someone types into his chat box. I can be fun and better, for example if you heer somebody is typing then you know that he/she is not away and stuf.

24. Nikola,

If we hear when someone is typing at a 11 people free table, all you would hear is that sound. RS can do it at their less than 4 people tables, which doesn't mean we should as well.

25. StormProductions,


I'm currently working on a new update of the soundpack, where some reported sounds will be changed (including the chat sound that you guys...hate. :D).

26. Ferrumite,

cant wait for it.

27. george,

i clicked it from the web, it dont works

28. StormProductions,

Click the Dropbox link. I hope Dzoni have not removed the file otherwise I'll have to get a new Dropbox account
and upload it myself on Dropbox.

29. dzoni ,

I did not remove it.

30. george,

I deleted the original pack from program files x 86 quentincs gameroom, sounds, and pasted the new sound pack, but the sounds not changed. What's it?

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