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61. Aminiel,

Personally I'd love to see more culture questions from other countries, such as holiday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, traditional clothing, do you
eat certain food with your hands or a fork etc. I think many of us here are happy to introduce fun facts about our countries to others. Agree?

Of course ! But this kind of question can go to "Tradition and beliefs", it's one of the purpose of the category.

Questions about religions should also go in this category. In fact I just haven't used the word religion to avoid hurting people by negligeance and to allow a wider range of questions, especially ancient mythology and astrology. Are Beliefs coming from Japan or China really religions ? Or are Geovah's witness a religion on its own or just a sect ? I'm ignorant myself and don't want to answer, but don't forbid questions about them either; they have their place, beside all other beliefs that are commonly called religion by everybody (christianism, islam, judaism, boudhism, etc.).

By choosing beliefs, I hope to be more neutral, and to cover questions about anything that you may believe in or not, about one or more gods or superior spirit or not.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Nov 14 2017 17:13:04

62. balasana ,

Hey Ameniel , I Agree totally that tradition, belief and culture naturally fit together. But as potluck is out, I had hard time coming with an additional category that will generate enough questions.
Ynwa mentioned 14 will not do; has to be 15. Had thought culture might be big enough to stand on its own. But I admit the line among culture, tradition and belief are blurred.

63. the-raven,

maybe it would be a good compromize to call it 'culture' instead of 'tradition'

64. YNWA,

What you propose and what many say is very simlar to what Merlin was suggesting originally.

3. Plant, Animal and Human Biology. In Merlin's suggestion he suggested adding Medical to Nature and Anatomy so it would have read Nature, Anatomy and Medical. I had already put medical questions in with Nature and Anatomy as diseases were naturally connected or questions about blood broups etc. I think adding too many words to a category could become confusing.

11. Food and Cooking. Months ago when I suggested categories i would have chosen Food and Drink. I don't disagree with changing the name of the category as it would help. We included drink because many questions were about various Alcaholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We had questions about Coctails, coca-cola and many other drinks. We were more concerned about making the categories right than the names hence leaving things as they were.

13. Hobbies The problem is there is limited questions in this category and that is why we wanted to merge this category as already stated.

  1. Television and meadia you said (questions that don't fit into any other categories) do you mean what we would have called Pot Luck, Misalanious, General knowledge or best of the rest.
  2. Culture and Traditions

As you say this subject at the moment is covered in Traditions and beliefs. You say you wanted to see more questions covering other peoples Traditions, clothes etc. Some of the clothing questions have been put in arts and creation but their are questions about clothing warn aroun the world. This could mean that some of those questions would have to be moved too. While on the subject of moving you would also have to move Disney Films to Cinema as they came under Cartoons.

I would have loved to have validated more questions that were from foreign languages. The problem is some of the questions have been unreasonable. How can I validate a question like How do you say the blind man wants an egg in language X? It is nice to learn some other languages but questions cannot be too complicated. I have added questions I have on Ways of saying Happy Christmas, questions on Various colours, Days of the week or months of the year. Other members of the team have said simlar things so it is not just mmy opinion on the team.

In many ways what we have in the quiz depends on what you send. If you think the quiz lacks in certain areas then why not solve the problem yourself by sending questions where you think we are coming up short! If you think 99 should be 77 then you have to write on the forum and Aminiel will decide if he wants to change the name or not. If you think we should have questions on various traditions then why not send in the questions! If they are good quiz questions that will be of an interest to people and not just one particular country/group then they will be in the quiz.

Balasana, Cristina and Nina have all said there is not enough questions about other peoples culture in the quiz. This may be true but as validators we can only validate the questions we have been sent. In many ways what we have in the quiz depends on what you send. If you think the quiz lacks in certain areas then why not solve the problem yourself by sending questions where you think we are coming up short! If you think 99 should be 77 then you have to write on the forum and Aminiel will decide if he wants to change the name or not. If you think we should have questions on various traditions then why not send in the questions! If they are good quiz questions that will be of an interest to people and not just one particular country/group then they will be in the quiz.

65. balasana ,

ynwa, from my original post:
"14.television and media (including box sets and cartoons, BBC radio drama, also print media questions that do not fit in other categories)
Print media=newspaper, magazine etc.
Best of luck.

66. YNWA,

No need to show that attitude, I asked you a genuine question as to what you meant, If you are unsure of something as I was you ask someone to clarify the position. I spent time today looking at your proposal seriously and asked fair questions. We can ask people fair questions without backbiting.

67. Nikola,

HM, where is the issue? She answered to you normally.

68. Everyone,

Goodness, talk about paranoia.
Anyway... Culture might be better than traditions, although I don't really thing the difference is that big to be honest.

69. Cristina,

I think the best solution is to change nothing then nobody can say that his or her opinion was not taken in consideration.

I am on the side of nobody, but Aminiel's last post is the most logical point of view refering to this topic


Latest edition by Cristina, Nov 14 2017 23:52:45

70. YNWA,

Best of luck? a touch of sarcasum I detect! Why not say you misunderstand what I said. You can hardly blame me for being touchy, from day one people have been personal with their remarks and have not just dealt with the issue. People have had an agenda. It is true that this subject has been in the forum before but the difference this time is there were solid proposals. It is all very well saying don't have this topic and don't have that topic but with out clear alternatives Aminiel could hardly change things. If you don't like the subject then don't reply and the topic will die of a natural death. I will tell you something else, your agressive stance has prevented other people having their say. Would you want to say something in support of what I have suggested if you know you were going to face a backlash from the Nikola and Cristina Gang? A debate is when people have different views we can agree or disagree but it does not have to be personal. I spent a long amount of my free time looking at Balasana's proposals and had discussed them with another team member to get their view. I sometimes wonder If I had said it was Mayank's proposals would the response have been the same? I can tell you Mayank wanted to change the categories and I said the same to him that if he sent in his proposals I would have looked at them and as I did with Merlin. Changing categories is something I feel anybody can discuss and that is the reason I brought them to you to get your opinion. Remember we don't get paid so we are giving up our free time to make this playroom better for everybody.

Yes Traditions would be the same as culture the only difference is people may play on culture more. Some people believed because it said that Quiz Party is a game of culture that we could accept any question from anywhere even if 95% of the PR would not want it. I believe Aminiel that Beliefs and tradition is very good. We have the usual religions plus some lesser known ones, we have Greek, Roman, Norse and some other mythology. We do have questions on religious monuments and gods. I should also not forget saints and their days in some ways they crossover with Traditions so that would be harder to move. There are questions on National Flowers, Animals and other things.

If you read the quiz comments you would think 90% of the quiz was Brittish and American. Greek Mythology by it's very name is non British or American. Arts and Creation cover many questions round the world, perhaps more than British and American. Cooking covers many questions around the world too. Of course you have national dishes and national drinks so that covers a number of countries. There is a lot of Italian, French, German wines and ones that from other countries. The prroblem is people only focus on what they want to focus on.

The changes that I posted would have improved things for non-English native people. We have already said that Television/Cinema disadvantages people quite a bit and we planned to reduce that by 1 category. This will now have to stay as it is as nobody can agree on anything. Space and Astrology would have been added. On just searching the word Planet there were 47 results, I needed to cut some questions as we did not want an imbalance of questions on the same subject, but not so many as I liked the subject,This category is international so it would have given everybody a chance. I know I have many questions on this Category but did not want to add too many so if it was added there could be more. I have said we struggled with having a third television category as we also did with Games and Entertainment and that is why Merlin suggested merging it with sport.

It is sad that Aminiel does not want Pot Luck as this would have improved quiz party quite a lot. As Nina pointed out you could have asked about a famous person and you could have chosen options in your answer to make it harder. If you put a Space question into Science and Technology and ask where a Particular mountain is you can hardly give 2 of possible answers as Chile and South Africa. as it is obvious to anybody it is not a Geography question. If you put in a simlar question in geography and gave 2 options as Jupiter and Mars then anybody will simply work out that those are not going to be the right answer as it is a Space question that should be in Science and Technology. People come across many questions that you think I can't add that to the quiz as it does not fit. Quiz party will now miss out on those questions. By not agreeing to our suggestions Quiz Party will be the poorer for it. Of course Quiz Party is fun and I will cary on as I have now got even more questions but It now will not be as great as it could have been.

71. policeman1,

Lets all follow what amanual's proposal in the beginning and no more arguing before I make arrests!

72. balasana ,

Ynwa, please let me point out a few things: 
In post 30: you said "I am looking forward to hear what your suggestions are for the 15 ccategories!"
In post 59: you said "we cannot make too many changes because it will disrupt Quiz Party too much. "
Based on your requests above, I offered my suggestion in post 60. To be productive I had decided to stay mutual, or even supportive to you if you read toward the bottom of that post.
In your post 64:
"What you propose and what many say is very simlar to what Merlin was suggesting originally. "
I'd urge anyone to compare my proposal in post 60 to post 1 (murlin) and post 42 (raven).
if we cannot make too many changes, as you stated, I'd assume any two proposals would be "similar", no?
Looks like you need my help. Space AND astronomy should be in science, sports itself should be a category, and science and technology should be together. These are some of the differences between mine and the other two.
Try as I may, I still can't connect dots between my categories and "blind man wants and egg.". You want people to stick to the topic, no?
In your post 66:
"14. Television and meadia you said (questions that don't fit into any other categories) do you mean what we would have called Pot Luck, Misalanious, General
knowledge or best of the rest"
Have you realized by now you overlooked "print media" in my original post, as a result you have asked the wrong question. So in post 65 I tried to clarify.
I'm glad I saw your post 70 before I reply.
"Best of luck? a touch of sarcasum I detect! Why not say you misunderstand what I said. "
Wow ynwa, who misunderstood who?
"sarcasum "? Only because i was typing on the phone and trying to be brief?
Why I'm I the punching bag for "People have had an agenda"?
Ynwa, you have made it awfully hard for me not to show an attitude now. I'm done with the thread though.

73. Ferrumite,

I think that this has went a little bit to farr. This is called a suggestions and comments section. This is about quiz party. Everybody can prepoze there categories and everyone can agree or not. If you are going to dislike someone's prepozition just because there is a wisper of simularity with your own, I think that it's called jelassy? If there is a better term I would be quite happy to heer about it, seeing that my English is farr from perfect. But... It's the developers dessision witch matters. Maybe he will Take Balasana's or TheRaven's suggestion or he won't even change anything or maybe he will take the best out of anything. Pressing the developer to add/change something witch never leads to good plus he's coding pr3, and from his previous messages he wants to fix most bugs behind the seens, that will only make him nerves, and he will rush to make everybody happy so he will possably to something bad and we will press him again to fix it. So guise, please be patient and understanding to the developer of this platform.

74. YNWA,

I have no issue with what you proposed in fact it is very simlar to what we are suggesting. I was just unsure on a couple of points hence asking you that question. I don't disagree with most of what you say.

If you look 1. Moving Geography to History agreed by everybody now.

  1. We do not need the 2 television Categories after Nikola's original comment nobody against.
  2. Pot luck, That is supported by Balasana, The Raven, Merlin, YNWA and the Orical from a previous post if I remember correctly. Yes Aminiel does not agree, I do share some of those concerns he has but we have to ensure they don't happen.
  3. Moving Games and Entertainment. Not everybody sees the connection. However, if you look at all the different subjects there and you asked people to choose between the 2 you would find many things ending up with both depending on that person's opinion. Of course some things are obvious but not some of the minority sports such as Pool or darts. Fawaz said once that some questions in the Media bit Of Television and Media should be in the Technology section. In quiz party they were classed as social media as we wanted to get the numbers up for Television and Media. The same thing will happen to Games and Entertainment. For example Balasana you sent in some excellent questions on Chess, Factually they should be in the Sports section but as we had many sport questions and few Games question they went into the Games section. Many questions you can argue for several categories, it is just a matter of opinion and personal choice.

5. Space and Astronomy has not been debated, do people like that subject? Do people have alternative categories that is not covered by quiz party already? My other alternative for this category was royals as I could put in many of those questions too, but Merlin suggested that Space and Astrology was better.

Ok Aminiel may not agree with Pot Luck but the point is having a united 15 categories that we can all put to Aminiel or we are stuck with 2 subjects that are either not wanted or are difficult to fill without compromising that category. I am sure that nobody really wants that. I am sure Validators and Players can agree on that at least.

Latest edition by YNWA, Nov 15 2017 13:19:58

75. Fawaz,

Space and Astrology should be included in science, and I would separate Technology because easy to get lots of questions in that, + its more common in this century, + may be because i'm a tech lover.
social media website questions definitely should be in Tec, its understandable its media but still tec at first place.
and I suggested long time back boxsets should be in tv and media, infact when i started sending questions all tv shows questions sent to tv and media. although all of them available only on netflix which is not tv at all :D
BTW I hate all the questions asking flag colors, not bad to memerize colors but still most players are blind so kind of pointless questions hehehe.
best of luck.

76. YNWA,

If you forgive the pun I can see where you are coming from with colours . As I get older I find it harder to identify colours as well as I did in the past. There was a couple of questions I added in Science asking if you burn X what colour will the flame be it was not so easy to remember colours of flames off the top of my head, some of the descriptions such as the answer was different to what I would have said. I guess it is a bit like the language issue, if people have never seen at all they are at a disadvantage to those that have seen something and so on. People have already commented on how it can be hard to find suitable alternative answers to questions and colours, is one of those ways to get easy alternative answers. Numbers, years, Days Months, sports teams, list of books written by a particular author. and which artis sang which song are good questions where you can find many good alternative answers.

Netflicks do count even if they don't come from the cinema or the traditional Television Channel. Yes Fawaz when I immediately saw the list of subjects Aminiel posted I knew that We did not need Box Sets and Cartoons plus Television and Media. Some of the Social Media questions as you said correctly should be really in Science and Technology. When you have a shortage of questions in one area you tend to rob Peter to give to Paul. You have the option to let categories be what they are and if there is very few questions in a particular Category then tough luck. The alternative is try to be a bit more creative and make up the numbers another way. If you do that and go out of your way to find more questions yourself. even if the category is not in your area of knowledge you can find questions even if some are not very good they are at least playable for others. The same goes fore the Games and Entertainment category. Aminiel if nothing changes at least change Entertainment to Hobbies as entertainment can mean anything from Television to music or whatever entertains you.

I have many questions in Space and Astrology and if I and others add more of them it will flood the Science category with a big percentage of Space questions. I have focused on television and the games and Language section to build those numbers so focused less on the Science subject. There is sstill enough room for Technology questions and if those questions grew further there would be no issues. We only want to merge Categories where we see an issue with too few or too many questions. With No Pot Luck you like others will question further questions being in other categories.

77. the-raven,

Fawaz, nice suggestion

78. helleon,

The only thing I disagree with in the more recent above posts is trying to make up numbers by technically putting questions that belong in one category into another. If you're going to put social media questions in one place, it hardly makes sense to put some of them somewhere else because it makes the figure look nice for each category when you enter a game? If you're going to put a particular topic in a particular section, stick to it; just my opinion.

79. YNWA,

Just to go back on a couple of points and also expand on Culture.

When we talk of English language countries there is more than England and USA. there Is the UK, England, Scotland and Wales plus Northern Ireland. They are 4 different countries and each have their own culture. You Have USA and canada even though we just call them both American. We have people from Australia and New Zealand as well as South Africa and some parts of the Caribbean have users of the playroom too.

As you know there are 15 Categories in the playroom and many of those categories can include many other subjects that are different from the original category. Transport has no category but those questions can be put into geography as you may get questions like, Where would you find Mak international Airport? This way it is possible to cover more than 100 subjects. Some questions cover more than one subject and in some cases you could argue a question could fit into three or four categories. When you have questions it is just down to your opinion, some could argue it is better to put that question into a different category to what you have suggested. Aminiel and I have posted where subjects should go in the past but we can't cover all subjects. Without Pot Luck as I said this job becomes much harder. Some of you have said you did not feel there was not enough questions on different cultures. Culture covers many subjects from Sport, Music, art, cooking, Travel, Language and many things. this means our culture questions are spread around and not just in one category.

What questions we get rather depends on who sends in the questions. Those of us that add questions either add what questions we have or what interesting information or facts we read. Sometimes it is possible to see different subjects in quiz party and think, that's interesting I will add a couple of questions on that subject. One of the subjects we are short of is questions on the law. I was listening to the radio a few weeks ago and they had a small quiz/game on different strange laws around the world. One question they had is, Is it illegal to walk backwords in Lithuania? The answer is no. I know we don't have yes or no questions or true or false questions in Quiz party but it is possible to come up with interesting strange laws around the world that would interest people.

Going back to Fawaz's comments on colour, We have many people hear who have many eye conditions that can effect people at birth or other times during their lifetime, and we have a small percentage of people who are fully sighted who may play hear with their friends. From reading the forum I know Aminiel does not want things that are blind spacific but has not banned blind related questions such as Audio games. We are hear to provide a factual quiz that could be played by anybody.

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