suggestion for bots.

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1. Ferrumite,

hi all,
So I have noticed, that in games like 99, bots always manage to draw cards. although players mostly manage to draw cards in time, it still mite be a disadvantage that bots will always manage to draw the card while human players, however rerr it is, can still forget to draw cards. so I have thought, maybe to have bots at random forget to draw cards, or at least for them to draw cards for some little time after the turn. Same aplyes to monopoly with press space to ask for rent.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

2. Nikola,

I would just mention that no human who knows the game will forget to draw a card, so it is not unfair in any way. When you learn to play, it just becomes automatic for you to press space after playing your card. So if anything, bots forgetting to draw would make it pointless to play with them. Regarding monopoly. I would firstly not play with bots with rules like time limit in uno, space pressing in monopoly and so on since those rules make no sense with bots and are meant for human players.

3. YNWA,

Maybe people can correct me on this but I feel you have more time to press space to pick up a card than you used to get when 99 first came out.

4. Nikola,

Just tested for a bit and you indeed have a lot of time even if you forget by mistake. Played with 2 bots, forgot to draw on my turn and I could still draw even when my next turn started.

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