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1. YNWA,

Dear All

A number of questions that have been sent into Quiz party has had too little information. If it is a music question for example such as Who sang Angel of the Morning? If you write who had a 2002 hit with Angel of the Morning for example then that is more useful as it helps the Validator and the person who is trying to answer the question.

We have had a number of questions sent in recently that are just variations on what we already have.

A good source for questions is the internet as someone has already pointed out or quiz books where questions have already been checked. One of the problems is you think you have a good question but when you check the facts you find out the person has sent in a question about what they think they know and that can be far from reality. An example is I had a question about Classifications but on further research the question is inaccurate and the real question would have made it too obvious and completely different from what the person who sent it in would have expected.


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