inable main room chat again

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1. mhr91358,

hi all , let's enable play room chat in main room in english server like the other servers , it wil be very good idea

2. Vojvoda ,

I don't think that is a good idea since playroom english part is too much international, it would cause some spam. But I am not against it because if it disturbs me I will just fly to a free table. I am just being realistic and saying that it might be not that useful as you think. I also see noone writes in French main room, just sometimes.

3. mhr91358,

france server is international too , some arabic countries are there ,

4. Nikola,

Those Arabic countries speak French. In here, you have so many people not speaking English. I am all for main room chat, I think it is pretty cool but helpers have experimented with that in a few cases and let me just say, people are annoying with spamming. I was quite disappointed how much people cannot understand helpers warning and asking them to stop. In the end, as much as I like the chat, in English it wont work.

5. Vojvoda ,

Accept it or not, French server is much more polite than this one here. People are so immature and childish. Though I am for solution to try one month to enable the chat, and see if after one month people will get bored of spamming and writing in the mainroom.

6. marina7,

well, the problem was not only spam but crashing screen readers too. I am not sure if people can bare getting their screenreaders crashed for a month.

7. mhr91358,

i think that if this was the bug , there is a rule says that the chat language in forums and publick places is english.

8. YNWA,

Things are fine the way they are so no need to go back.

9. manuelcortez,

In spanish public channels have been blocked since 2015 or even more, if I am not mistaken. Some of them just can't allow others to talk without wanting to get there and start spamming, when not insulting, random people.

10. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I have never been to an uncourteous french table. They all were normal but English part is somehow disorganized

11. Vojvoda ,

As we serbians say: you do not know who drinks who pays

12. YNWA,

The issue is the same as we have had for Free tables and that is a lack of respect for the language i.e. English. When in Rome do as the Romans do. That is why some people have told me they hardly come hear now as many don't speak English and many are rude. Some would rather stay in RS even though that platform is not as good. Perhaps it puts off some new people from staying. That of course doesn't mean everybody is bad as there are some very nice people hear too but as time goes by that list gets smaller and smaller.

13. helleon,

I think the main reason people are tending to move away from this platform is the lack of English speakers and trolling by some of those non-speakers.

14. sound2,

I find people on rs don't want to chat. Most just play a game and leave. Or many use voice chat. I would agree with what's been said here. Chat on the main room was fun for a little while but it got misused as well. If people didn't spam, it would've been alright.

15. StormProductions,

Yes, I want chat back on main room.

16. supanut2000,

I would not like to see it enabled only to crash my Playroom client because of spam messages...

17. prince-makusu ,

Switching to a free table would be a great solution i guess

18. supanut2000,

The thing is, there would be so many messages coming in that you literally won't have time to run to a free table before either your screen reader or your Playroom client crashes.

19. StormProductions,

There can be a limit of messages that can be sent in some seconds. For example, when people are sending 10 messages, the chat would stop for a few seconds then let 10 messages get back in again.

20. Nikola,

It already does that for 3 messages, but that does not prevent crashing in any way. There is not a difference if you send a crashword 2 times or 10 times, it will still crash your screen reader. Originally I had the same idea as Vojvoda, that is to let it for a few months so spammers realize they aren't getting any attention and stop, but the concern Marina raised is perfectly valid and I did not think of that as I do not use Eloquence myself. The ideal solution would be if those synthesizers were updated to patch these crashes, but we know that isn't happening. Code factory actually fixed most of crashes in their SAPI and NVDA versions, but let's be honest and say that the majority still uses illegal eloquence addons and that they will still get crashed. I wonder if Aminiel can find somebody with more knowledge on crash patterns to include more filters on the Playroom. I know some of these words are already filtered, but that does not seem to be every crashword.

21. fire-starter,

anyways you'd need a lot of messages at ones to come in to let your client crash, it's not a biggy for me

22. supanut2000,

That's exactly what happened last time chat in main room was enabled. There would be sooo many messages coming in at the same time that my Playroom client simply can't handle. In such a case, you literally won't have enough time to escape to a free table.

23. Nikola,

I could be wrong, but I do not think the client ever crashes with lots of messages. It might just be a screen reader crash, but I've never had a client crash due to lots of messages. How would these large free tables function if that was the case?

24. supanut2000,

Well I'm using Jaws most of the time (until I can upgrade to Windows 10), so not sure if that has anything to do with this.

25. fire-starter,

shouldn't have to do with it

26. Everyone,

Honestly I think this is going to cause far more headache than is worthwhile. I can also imagine it would totally confuse a lot of new people to the platform who log in for the first time and then get bombarded with messages. That already happens with all the table joining/leaving messages, but at least those messages are fairly straightforward. Logging into a completely random conversation before even being able to change your options doesn't just seems like it would discourage some people. You could argue that this happens often in chat rooms, but the playroom is more than just a chat room.

27. jason ,

no thank you

28. ethan ,

it just makes no sense to do. If there so many spammers why would you want to give them a chance to get attention in the first place. Sure they wouldn’t get it but there’s no point in even giving them the opportunity

29. jason ,

I totally agree with Ethan.....

30. play_romania1,

me too

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