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1. DontFuckWithMeBtich,

I was thinking, what if we have a visual board for those whom are sited. Think about it I would open a brauder base so the sited and blind can come and play games like one thousand miles or monopoly just for a few examples. I know right now they can read the text but for them seeing the game is cool to and besides I have explained to some of my sited friends that this stuff over here is so cool like the layout is simple it has the text so you can play but if we had the physical aspect to this it would be really cool.

2. Aminiel,

I perfectly know that chess and battleship aren't playable for sighted people. However, I don't have any solution at the moment.

I would like to make a second version of the client, another program or directly on the web, but I don't have enough time to do that at the moment. Anyway, I would still have a problem: I need a sighted person (even partially signeted) to help me in developement of such a client. Modify the existing client for sighted people is not possible, or by comprishing accessibility for blind, what I don't want, actually.

I'll reconsider that important question in summer, I really have no time before, sorry. But be sure, I wont forget.

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