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1. Darkwolf,

It appears that in the event of someone removing you from their friend list, the change is not mutual which leads to some confusion, especially if that person has their privacy settings to receive messages only from their friends.
I propose a change where by removal of a player from a friend list will also remove the person initiating the disconnection from the friend list of the person they are removing, which will also prevent that person from seeing the other in their list of online friends as well as their status messages.
While we are on the topic, it is also worth noting that players who make use of the blocking feature must seperately remove the person they are blocking from their friend list and vice versa.
Perhaps this latter modification should be made automatically upon blocking, especially since there is no other way of knowing that someone has blocked you unless you attempt to contact them or join a table in which they are the master.
It stands to reason that if someone removes you from their friend list or blocks you, then they wish to have no further communication with you unless they decide otherwise in the future. Thus there is no logical sense in displaying their name in your list or yours in their own.
I believe this change will eliminate or at least reduce the confusion faced when attempting to contact players who still appear on your friend list but appear to have removed you from theirs, or have recently blocked you.

2. helleon,


3. Aminiel,


I propose a change where by removal of a player from a friend list will also remove the person initiating the disconnection from the friend list of the
person they are removing, which will also prevent that person from seeing the other in their list of online friends as well as their status messages.

Isn't it also confusing for you if a friend who deleted you suddenly disappear from your list ?
That's why it isn't done.

ABout blocking feature, I'll check what you say, it sounds a little strange to me.

4. tiny,

well, i think it's better if we know when a person removed us, it's obvious when they are not in our list but it's confusing also, because some of us have lots of friends in our list and can't see who recently removed or blocked us. i mean we can get it finally, but later. so, it's not bad for example we got a message containing, someone has blocked or removed you from there list.

5. Vojvoda ,

I'll give you points for removal that it should be mutual, but if you block someone it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to remove them from friends list. I know that a lot of people here like to play with blocking, that is to say, trolling each other. And if you block someone it takes you 2 seconds to press the delete button, come on, you're not doing it every day or?

6. Darkwolf,

Aminiel: Isn't it also confusing for you if a friend who deleted you suddenly disappear from your list ?
No, because if someone is deleted from my list then I know I am no longer friends with that person for whatever reason, and thus do not have to wonder why I can no longer message them or see their activity.
Kotoamatsukami: I see no logical reason to keep anyone in your friend list after you have blocked them especially if for an extended period, though I must admit that the trolling hadn't occured to me. I prefer not to waste my time with such nonsense. However, I am a firm believer in the saying, "To each their own." Saying that, I would thus make a counter proposal, to ask of anyone blocking another player if they would like to remove them from their friend list, lest they are, as you say, so lazy as to find scrolling down the two or three options in the menu to delete the player from their friend list oddly taxing.
Alternatively, perhaps a feature can be introduced to privasy settings by which a player can choose whether they would like to be removed, or have removed, anyone who has blocked them or whom they have blocked. That way, that player has control on who's list they remain on or who appears in their own. That however may prove to be even more unnecessarily complicated than it sounds.

7. YNWA,

People can disappear from your friends list if a person deletes an account, they don't always tell you or get the chance to tell you. I do agree if a person blocks you they should automatically be moved from that friends list.

8. Nikola,

Here is what I would do. Whenever you block somebody, display a small yes/no prompt asking if you want them removed from your friends list as well. This solves one more issue as a bonus, and it is that sometimes people press ctrl b on an user by mistake instead of for example ctrl m, or they simply forget that the list of friends or users is open. Besides yes and no, add a cancel blocking item as well and it would make the feature much better in my opinion. Of course, if said person is not a part of your friends list this promt would not appear. Logic behind this is that usually you don't block friends, so a confirmation is quite logical for me.

9. RedHawk,

Well, they could simply recieve an automated message from system / admin notifying them they've been removed from other person's list. That would remove the confusion when the person is no longer in the list.

10. tiny,

yeah just a simple automatic message is enough to get faster what went on. take it easy

11. Vojvoda ,

What nikola said I find the most logical solution. A little question whether you want to remove that person or not can't bring any bad. However
Aminiel and others, if you for example get deleted by someone from facebook you won't get any notification, the same is on twitter, skype, whatsapp, Viber, and all social networks I know about. And you also are mutually deleted on all social networks, of course it works a bit differently with Instagram or Twitter because there are followers, but if blocked no doubds you won't see anything of that person.

12. Skynet ,

Hi. About dissappearing yourself from other's list when deleting them, I don't know if this is a bug, but here it goes, anyways. You wait till that person is disconnected, then on the chat box you enter /add and the persons nickname. After that, you inmediatelly go to send demmands, and erase your ddemmand towards that person you theoretically added. That way, you guys wont be on eachother's list.

13. Nikola,

That works, but how is that easier than just deleting the person? The problem in the OP as I see it is that you do not really know who deleted you.

14. Darkwolf,

There doesn't have to be a message informing you of who deleted you. But when a person does then they should be removed from your list just as they have removed you from theirs. That is the problem. If for instance I remove Nikola from my list, I will remain in his unless he too removes me and he won't know to do that because he doesn't know I've removed him. And so on.

15. tiny,

yeah and if we remove someone it will say that you have canceled your demand to add someone, though we didn't add them before. so by that message it means there is a demand of us on his list, but that's not correct

16. Darkwolf,

No. If it says that you've canceled your demand it means that you aren't in their friend list. If you are and have removed them from yours it says you are no longer friends with (player)

17. tiny,

no if someone first remove us, it will say that again. but if we do first then your right it will say that

18. Ramon-Salazar,

If someone removed ya from your friend list, You can notice that when his or Her status message dissappeared in your friend list only

Latest edition by Ramon-Salazar, May 13 2019 21:42:06

19. Darkwolf,

That proves nothing as a person can simply have removed their status message. Furthermore I've known people to have unfriended and or blocked me who's status I could still read until I removed them from my own list.

20. tiny,

yeah your right but what he said is totally incorrect, and off the rails

21. YNWA,

If you really want to find out if someone has deleted you from their friends list send them a friends request when they are off-line and if it says something like your demand is waiting to be accepted you know you are not on their friends list. Demand is a bad choice of word as it sounds as if a bank robber has entered the playroom!

22. Nikola,

Yet again, it's such a simple request. Simply if you delete somebody, you should disappear from their list. It is not about finding out.

23. YNWA,

Can't disagree but until it is changed then that's the only solution.

24. Darkwolf,

The point of the post is to suggest change. If we continue to revert to solutions then nothing will be made better because people will be expected to settle for lesser alternatives.

25. tiny,

the other problem is, when somebody change their nickname without their status and asking you can't know who that is, for example i asked one of them but didn't answer. again the case is not that i can remove him when i don't know him, the problem is why can't we know them by ourselves and without asking

26. YNWA,


27. PowerBank,

it's also with the blocking issue, if you block someone sometime it's not bad you realize who that was, his/her last id

28. garden-lady,

My question is if I remove someone from friends list because I did not play with him much and did not want to hear him go in & out. However, he tried to msg or invite me and could not. I did not block, but I think he thought I did. Is someone who is removed then blocked: If so, I do not believe this is right. Please let me know, smile!

29. Darkwolf,

Unfriending and blocking are entirely seperate. His inability to invite and or message you are most probably due to your privacy settings. If you have it set so that only your friends can invite and message you, then removing him from your list will prevent him from doing so.
As for the name change, while I do agree that it is inconvenient and somewhat frustrating for someone to change their name and not tell you who they were before, I do not see that as much a systematic issue as it is perhaps a hint of condiscention on the part of the player in question. I would like to think that if a person were my friend and worthy of my respect, he or she would at least have the decency to be honest with me and not attempt to hide themselves and if they would, then perhaps their place is not on my friend list.

30. tiny,

yeah but anyway, i think we'd better find out who was that person who changed his nickname by ourselves, independently

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