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1. Qais,

Hi. I'd like to suggest that if you blocked someone you don't see them in any of the menus, not in the connected users menu nor even in the one for whom you'd like to join, invite etc. Blocked means you don't want to see them, so that's why I'm suggesting this

2. facelessghost,

Good day to all!
You say to make sure that the blocked participant does not appear in any menu!
And how do you unblock it if you need it?
I think this proposal is not very reasonable!

3. Qais,

For example, in Facebook, it appears in the Blocked users list without knowing if it is active

4. YNWA,

If you divorce a person you would not keep a shared bank account. So if you block person by logic they would not be a friend so should not be on your friends list.

5. Vojvoda ,

If you divorce you might not want to share bank account but why not stay friends? :)

6. YNWA,

the point about blocking people is you don't want to communicate to them in any way, shape or form. If you are a person that will block someone then unblock them repeatedly then you are the issue. It is the users ASBO (antisocial order) in the PR.

7. tiny,

the effort which your going to persuade isn't much of a big issue. nothing will happen if you see that name, skip that name.

8. Everyone,

Really, you guys are comparing bank accounts with blocking users on a gaming platform? What has the world gotten to.

9. Darkwolf,

First of all, block doesn't mean you don't want to see them. It means you want to place a virtual communication barrior so that they cannot interract with you and you cannot interract with them for as long as the block is active. There is a difference between blocking, and hiding.
Second, I don't see what the big deal is, unless issues with the player in question were so deep as to cause psychological harm each time you see them or anything of the sort then the block should be sufficient. Supposing of course that you don't intend to sit there for ten or so minutes hovering over their name looking at it to make yourself feel worse.
I suppose the hide feature could be added along with block but it honestly seems like too much effort considering that all it will achieve is a hidden name where a block should be enough, but perhaps I find it easier than some to simply ignore who ever bothers me.
As for the second comment where someone asked how one would remove a block if the blocked player cannot be seen, you might wish to explore your menu when you have a moment. If you press f9, you'll find that one of the options is blocked users' list. There you can find all the players you have blocked and adjust settings for each individual player from there.

10. GoldenWisdom,

I agree with this.

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