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1. Serena,

Hello, i'd like to see the ability to select your gender on this server. either via options, functions, or even via the site. I'd like to see, at the least, Female, Male, and Unspecified. the last option would preferably set your pronouns to they / them. and of course the female or male options would use the correct pronouns too.

2. Aminiel,


It has been already requested several times. I'm not against, but the problem is that there are a lot of messages to fix and it isn't as easy as it seems to make it correct in all languages. It hasn't been implemented from the start and now it's quite hard to change. Be assured that it isn't sexist at all.

3. YNWA,

What about if you change he to username plays...

4. Vojvoda ,

That is the same amount of work

5. YNWA,

Ok fair enough

6. helleon,

Political correctness gone mad. That's my view. Call me a he, a she, an it, I don't care. I know what I am and that's all that matters. Have a good one

7. Aminiel,

What about if you change he to username plays…

That's already what's done most of the time: avoid gender pronouns where possible. But repeating the username over and over again is unpleasant and unnatural as well, so I can't abuse of that either.

8. YNWA,

If it is too difficult to change it/too much trouble then the other option is to have she for the next new games so over time it equals itself out.

9. tiny,

no i think that's not good, and basically it cant apply for some messages on those games too such as, it's users turn. anyway, a change should be not applied, or apply in total. so, that's good to have those options but in tfotal, not in a special game

10. sopralto,

Personally, if it takes a lot of time, I would prefer to see that time used for new, exciting games and bug fixes than worrying about the political correctness of the pr.

11. Nikola,

Hello. I don't think anybody wants some political correctness, it just sounds nicer to people when playing the game in general. If the list of strings was accessible to anybody, I would be happy to contribute and make this modification at least for English.

12. YNWA,

Things have gone past political correctness to gender neutral in the UK so i guess that would be it or that, or even thing lol. If you want to go back to old english then thee plays...

13. tiny,

agree with sopralto, that time should use for new games or other important things like that

14. GoldenWisdom,

I agree.

15. YNWA,

The point is this is an issue, agreed not a big one but an issue so still important. Some issues are tiny, some are very important but it is still good to put them here.

16. tiny,

but there isn't time for all of those tiny issues as you know

17. YNWA,

What is done in the past is the past but things can be changed for the future so why not change to she if you wish to make it a bit more equal for future games.

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