Password for private tables

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1. Vojvoda ,

Hello dear playroom,
I remember someone has suggested or mentioned this suggestion in the past but I can not remember what was the end result or potential answer of Aminiel.
So as the topic says, I am suggesting that we have an option to set a password for tables so our friends can join our private tables without invitation by simply writing a password, this can be useful in a lot of situations for example:

  1. When people make tournaments usualy all players come to a free table to disscus something, a lot of players come a bit earlier or later, so instead of checking did player xxx enter the playroom we can provide them a password which will be used on a free table a day before the tournament.
  2. Absence of the table master, I could be streaming a movie on a free table, one of my friends will have to restart the PC I am maybe gone for some minutes, so if he would type a password he can join back quickly.
  3. Case 2 can occur quite often, master can be absent and someone will wanna join for different, reasons, I provided two examples which firstly came to my mind, I hope some players will support this suggestion and have empathy.
    Note that we don't have to remove current system of private tables, we could just add an option in f2 menu set a password or something.

2. the-raven ,

makes sense but would be nice if it is only friends of the table master who can do this.

3. YNWA,

I do agree with the idea of being able to set a password so people can join a table, can be a free table or a game table which comes in useful for tournaments.

Just friends of the table master can already be done by changing the setting to only my friends can join this table so see no need for that.

4. the-raven ,

at least you should be able to set a password whenever you want, and not just when you create the table. People who join the table shouldn't be able to invite whomever they want, since the table master should be the one to have a sayingg on who should be able to join. People may have their reasons not to change their settings to only wanting their friends to join their tables.

5. helleon,

Agree with the suggestion and with Ynwa's point. In response to the-raven, if you've entrusted someone with the password and they invite random people, then you made the wrong decision imho.

6. Nikola,

It's not as if you cannot change that same password easily if such a thing happens. In general a good suggestion.

7. wolfi,

i like that suggestions, but i believe thats wht rs does and aminiel does not like to copy rs so we'll see

8. Nikola,

Aminiel is only thinking logically. There is no rule "I wont ever do anything that RS does" especially if A it's not an exact copy of the feature, and B it's actually useful.

9. YNWA,

It does not have to be an exact copy, you could choose who you want to give permission by selecting names of users instead of a password, that way the table master could remove or add people when necessary, maybe then people don't have to choose a password, if people keep choosing passwords then over time people could guess them. True, the table master could kick/block them if issues. It would also mean that people don't have to keep telling people the password as they can come and join if on the list of selected users.

10. helleon,

Great idea.

11. Qais,


12. soundarya,

Yes I agree. This is really a good idea.

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