Cards Against Humanity

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1. slannon,

Please add Cards Against Humanity to the platform. I love this game! The game isn't for everyone, so a notice should be posted somewhere warning people about the content. Perhaps it could be displayed the first time someone joins or creates a new game.

2. Jahreindota,

Is it accessible with Google chrome? I played (or I think I played) it but I'm not sure if it's accessible or not.

3. Lemonade,

Admittedly, the game is lots of fun, but somehow I don't see it happening on this platform which basically has only games for all ages. I don't remember if the suggestion was ever officially rejected though.

4. YNWA,

People have suggested Apples to Apples and Cards against Humanity in the past. Cards against Humanity is a game for over 18s and by nature goes against the philosophy of the PR.

Apples to Apples is a good game but not easy to translate in to several languages. One day I could look at modifying it but would it take out some of the funny bits and spoil the game?

5. Jahreindota,

what is apples to apples? I have never heard

6. YNWA,

Check out RS as they have both versions but almost the same but Cards Against Humanity is more audult because it will offend some people.

7. StormProductions,

I agree. Cards against Humanity should really be added as I'm playing a lot on RS and I like it.

8. Aminiel,


Several requests have been already made to add cards against humany and/or apples to apples.

Without talking about cards against humanity, which seem to be an under-the-belt version, I have a foundamental problem with apples to apples: as far as I ahve understood, the game is extremely linked to anglo-saxon culture and humor, and so is very hard to translate to other languages without losing much of the fun.

Given that I'm not from anglo-saxon culture myself, I'm not very inclined in making it; I don't understand all the jokes and/or don't know how well I could translate it while keeping the fun. Making a game you aren't well convainced about is hard, keeping in mind that I'm developing the playroom in my spare time for my own fun….

I don't know if I have well explained my feelings...

9. helleon,

You know what? That makes perfect sense. Never considered that. Can understand why it would be a tough one.

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