a strange behaiviour

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1. godfather,

hello. so as some of you might know, the player known as matinkh, started a chess turnament on qc today. me and my friends were hanging out on a free table and we thought, hay let's go and watch. amit joined and they had no problem.. then i joined, and a few secs later, kick. i joined again and asked hay why did you kick me, and the person said that i wasn't a player so i wasn't allowed to stay there. but then why wasn't he kicking others? there were like 8 players on the table, 2 of which were the players. so they kicked me again, and this time i made no attempts to join again. then, i saw a free table where the participents of the turnament were apparently chillin, that table was public and amit joined, but when i tried? no dice. amit said he asked the person to invite me? nope. refused. i fail to understand what the matter is and if this is some personal grudge, i dont think it should be braught in in a formal thing like this. and for the record, i have no idea what grudge he'd have against me. i've bairly even met him?

2. Vojvoda ,

This doesn't go against any rule

3. godfather,

uh i know, but still everything isn't rules is it.

4. squalinator ,

I was met with the same upon joining the table. It had been barely a few seconds after my joining that I was kicked without a warning. I had said nothing and was simply interested to see how things would go, as I have never seen a tournament happen before. I fail to understand the reason for this. An explanation would be appreciated, thanks.

5. pranam,

It might not be against rules, but can't a person spectate the tournament, please tell me if spectating is against the rules because everyone has the right and feature to spectate. This kind of behaviour in a tournament is not acceptable, and kicking should be done in situations when the person in question is doing something against the rules.

6. Nikola,

Tournaments are not anything official. They are hosted by each organizer and they can decide on the rules as they wish. You know for the future not to join his tournaments. In fact, I don't believe this tournament was even announced on the forum so I don't know why are you even posting this. Ask him about it privately, if he does not tell you anything as I said don't participate in his tournaments.

7. the-raven ,

Maybe it wont make any difference to post it in here as you may not get an answer. But I agree it's not fair. If you dont want people to watch your tournaments, how about making the tables private?

8. Nikola,

Of course. This is just common sense and people should not do it. Even if somebody forgot to make it private, a simple message saying hey I am sorry but we don't want spectators here would have been enough.

9. godfather,

fair points. noted. and yes i did ask him right there and then and get no (proper )responce. but yeah. now you guys know i guess. hahah. sorry for bothering you though.

10. unolover,

he dose toftin

11. marina7,

Well, technically it is up to the table master to decide whom he wants in his/her table though, it is not against any rule. it might be rude to you yes, yet he/she doesn't need to give any explanation before kicking, specially that you weren't playing or something. Anyway you can just learn not to join that person again.
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