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1. Vojvoda ,

Hello there, I will hit right the example, othervise it would be difficult to explain
So I was streaming a basketball game on free table, and in the topic I had for example France 50 - Germany 43, from time to time I would update the scores but the thing is, when you press control +t you have blank edit field, my wish or suggestion is to have written topic saved in the edit field so I could easily just change numbers, this is also useful if someone misstypes something, you could just correct that word and not write everything over.

2. YNWA,

Ignoring the fact the PR doesn't have a licence to stream live sports events, you can just ajust the numbers in your old message.

3. Nikola,

It does not need to, you are streaming external links and you are the responsible person for that, not PR. The point of the post is exactly about adjusting the old message, which is not present in the field when you press ctrl t. Take an example: You go to change a status, your old one is present and you can quickly edit it, which is not the case for table topics.

4. YNWA,

Factually/officially the PR needs a licence for its users to stream anything as other websites such as TAFN do but that is another topic. The point was not to declare it publically on the forum here. The point was to ajust a number which is not that difficult to do.

5. Nikola,

Only one thing, you are not streaming anything on the Playroom's server. Everything is client side, only the link is passed and it goes away together with the table with no records kept as far as I am aware, so the chance of PR getting into trouble is non existent. As I said, you cannot only adjust the number, that is what this post is requesting. I mean, sure, you can have the topic in your clipboard but why do that when this may not be hard to implement?

6. YNWA,

All the info is there, you can see this when it says YNWA has joined the table etc so records are kept, how long I can't say.

7. Vojvoda ,

Ynwa I think you did not get it well go create a free table, type ou are good, press enter.
Then press control t to change misspell, and you will see what I am talking about, you will have to type all over again instead of only adding y.
I know this is a small thing but should not be difficult to implement.

8. YNWA,

Not so difficult to copy your original text if you need to change it so offen, if not ask for a scoreboard where you can update and it would allow all players to see. Could be useful for tournaments as it would give results and fixtures.

9. Aminiel,

Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look at it soon.

Factually/officially the PR needs a licence for its users to stream anything

No, and for at least two reasons:

The principle is the same as in the forums: you have freedom of speech.
We aren't supposed to know if you are streaming or posting something illegal until someone tells us. Once we know, our responsibility is to block as good and as quick as possible, but otherwise we aren't responsible at all of what you can say or stream.
What is said in a stream, like what is written on the forums, always stay the responsability of the authors.

10. Sajad-Aliraqi,

@aminiel that made everything as clear as it's supposed to be.
You people keep arguing for the purpose of post number increasing. It makes sense for you but not for someone else

11. godfather,

yes. here's hoping this relatively peaceful forom doens't end up like ag...
i mean ceriusly, he suggested a feature to be implemented, of course there will be work arounds. i think all his intention was to make his and the lives of fellow players easy. for instance, if you hit ctrl w, you'll have a list of all connected users in your language. so if you wanted to invite a friend to for example, a free table, you could just do that. but there is a friends list right? why? so that we would have to scout through a smaller list of people and do the work faster. this is similar. of course he could just coppy the title, and/or type it over, but it could get annoying after a while. there is no reason for flamewars according to me. will you guys please chill?

Latest edition by godfather, Sep 16 2019 12:54:32

12. sound2,

I don't see any war.

13. Nikola,

They consider constructive opinion exchanges as some kind of bad arguments. People, if there were not opposing opinions this would not be a forum.

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