A cricket decision game, can also be baseball

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1. Pran,

Hello guys. I was viewing a program that allowed you to play cricket by rolling a die. If that game were to be integrated into playroom, or something similar, it would be good.
Thank you.

2. Nikola,

If you were a programmer, would that be enough info for you to code a game? You should post some rules, especially considering cricket is the most popular in Asian countries and Playroom comes from Europe.

3. Pran,

Nah! I would rather have it integrated in the playroom. Besides, the rules are exactly like normal cricket, but the decisions are based on the rolls.
For example, if you roll a three, and there is nothing on that square, you get three runs.

4. Nikola,

Seems very interesting, spam enter and do nothing. Is there any strategy involved in it?

5. Pran,

Yeah. You have to make some decisions, based on certain criteria. Like, at the toss, the pitch report will be given to you, and based on that, you have to make the decision, if you win the toss.
Also, you have to choose when to use the DRS, and when to manipulate the fielders.

6. DarthSidious ,

Is anything involved in your rudeness as well? If not, stop it.

7. Pran,

i waas not being rude

8. Nikola,

We reached a new level, asking for game rules and whether any strategy is involved is rude. Was hoping it's common sense to post a link to what you are proposing, but maybe not...

9. Pran,

Okay sorry man. Just wasn't getting one, that's all. According to me, I made the rules quite clear.
So please, do mind what you're saying to me.
I have a rather high position, in some good android developing teams.

Sorry if I may sound rude bro.

10. DarthSidious ,

Not you, Pran. The one who was rude not only here, but almost everywhere.

11. Pran,

Oh yeah, I've read Nichola's posts.
Please, man, you're not alone.
Or you're not the only one using this forum, so please mind how you talk to others.

12. Nikola,

What does having a high position in Android development teams have to do with anything? What do my previous posts have to do with anything? Too hard to research a link for the game you want added though. I am sure that purebeat, commenting on my posts fully understands how cricket works and is fine with these rules.

13. Pran,

Dude, sorry, if I've, you know, broken your heart.
Seriously, though, instead of Jabbering, you can research it yourself.
Why don't You, Nicola, research and post a link?

14. Everyone,

It's already been stated multiple times that we do not need these very heavy luck-based games on the PR. So if you think this game doesn't fall under that category, you'd better explain why.
Also, I can't help but laugh at the fact that you are calling out others for being rude, and then basically saying that you are right because you are a proficient android programmer. Way to go, champ.

15. Nikola,

I should research your game proposal, yeah, I am going to do that.

16. Pran,

Okay sorry dude.
I don't think that this game would fall under a luck-based category because of the fact that you do need some strategy, like, knowing what is the situation at hand, to choose your next bowler, or to send in a new batsman.
Also, you need some strategy to change the field.

17. Vojvoda ,

your Highness mister Pran, your first post did not include any rules, any information, anything what could make someone even consider your suggestion so serious. Please excuse me your majesty if I maybe hurt your feelings, but deweloper can not include the game if you don't post the rules nor write anything what can interest him to look at the game. And , your majesty, since I am very interested in cricket maybe you could dewelop this game for Android because I would be so happy to play such game, especially because it will be coded with your blessed hands.
Prince beast, I don't want to hurt your young little heart or make you sad, but Nikola's comments, answers and help are probably the most constructive thing on this forum, if you work hard I know one day you can be just like him.

18. Everyone,

I see. Still, though, it might be nice to either write up a rule document, or post a link to where we can find the rules. That way, Aminiel can not only determine more easily whether this is a good game for the playroom, but it would also be loads easier for him to actually implement it here. I do know an English guy who is a pretty avid cricket fan, but I also wouldn't be surprised if a lot of players do not know the rules very well. And even if they knew the rules, when do you roll the dice, and then do you actually make decisions?

19. Pran,

Oh just, stop it will ya?
Anyway, I am coding it for android, and it should be out in a few months.
I was just thinking it would be good for it to be integrated into the playroom, but, if you do not like the idea, fine. No need to consider.

20. DarthSidious ,

I also don't like the idea but it could have been said in a more, you know, human way. Maybe you can speak with your friends like this, but on a public forum you aren't supposed to.

21. Pran,

Okay, I did the research and here's the link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owzthat

22. Everyone,

I could be wrong here, but playroom is probably written in a different programming language so it's probably not that easy to integrate if you were to develop it in Android anyway.

23. Pran,

I know. But, Emaneul could just take the idea and write it in the programming language that the playroom is written in.

24. godfather,

can we stop this childish banter and actually return to constructive talk here? pran suggested a game, people have the right to have their openians on it, and pran threatenning people on the bases of your pozition(whatever that may be) isn't helping either. you talk about neecola being rood to you, but what you are doing is another level. in fact, i can't understand(after trying many, many times) how asking for simple things like game rules(which idolly should be done when a game is suggested) is being rood. yeah i could understand that a bit on the other topic that you made, but nothing wrong here as per me. now, back to this lovely cup of hot coffee mmm.

25. YNWA,

Don't forget Aminiel only makes a small amount of games as it takes a lot of time and there is only Aminiel working on the game as well as everything else he does on improving bugs and other small requests that mount up.

He is therefore likely to create a game he believes will be popular with a greater number of players. Cricket is a great game but is not played all over the world in great numbers so unless that game apeals to non-cricket lovers then very few will play the game. Also Aminiel has said he is not keen on adding further dice games unless they add to the PR or something like that.

26. Pran,

Yeah that is true

27. hassanraza03,

hello i've read the rouls of this game this is oseas game please add this game on quinten sees game room

28. Pran,

There. One more person to join the request.

29. hassanraza03,

hello how are you? i have a question for you can you tell me how many weeks does this cricket game release on quinting game room

30. Vojvoda ,

I can tell you 54389 days until then

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