Why isn't Gameroom translated to Turkish?

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1. Giovani,

There are many Turks, tham users from another countries.
Why this software is not translated to Turkish? Maybe, because many people, who speaks English was to rush by Turks from this community.
This is big rudeness.

2. YNWA,

You should clarify what you mean and it is wrong to generalise, post should be removed or edited.

3. Aminiel,

Playroom isn't translated into turkish because no turkish team proposed themselves to translate. That's all. We don't do any discrimination.

4. Ramon-Salazar,

I heard that There was a team for Turkish Translation, What happen to it?

Latest edition by Ramon-Salazar, Sep 10 2019 12:37:48

5. Aminiel,

There has never been any real Turkish translation team. Long time ago a guy wanted to translate, but he was alone, our translation process weren't well made, and it never went far enough to make anything available. One day the person disappeared without warning and since then, no news.

6. Vojvoda ,

What about serbian and ex yu translation, we proposed a team few times?

7. Nikola,

Yes, this interests me as well. If not having a team is the only issue, how come we were at first politely told that you are not ready, and then with the release of citadels when I brought up the fact it's kind of hard to play for non native speakers, you mentioned that if a team is organized new translations can be started, but then nothing happened. I am of course still interested and willing to do this, so hopefully you can clarify on the status of that.

8. Jahreindota,

Something wierd happened some time ago, I downloaded qcs playroom on my notebook.. and it's Turkish. I have no idea how

9. Vojvoda ,

It's simply impossible, that is the same if you try to burn a candle without a wick

10. Rory101,

if ya want us to translate using soft translaters, then forget it. Just look at any translated google translate text. believe me, I used to study a little turkish; the translations were; aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

11. StormProductions,

I'd also want to translate into Romanian, but meh. Aminiel doesn't wanna collaborate with us, that's all.

12. YNWA,

Have the Romanian/Serbian teams sent in a Monopoly board?

13. StormProductions,

@YNWA, what does Monopoly have to do with translating the Playroom? I couldn't get your point.

14. YNWA,

Quite simple, it shows Aminiel what you can do and it shows how serious you really are. If you wish to translate you have to have a monopoly board in your case Romanian so why not create one now... You have to translate games you like and games you don't so you might as well get the Romanian translation ball started with a Monopoly board. There is a Turkish one already there so other languages can have one too.

15. Vojvoda ,

LOL Inwa actually boards neither get accepted, we also made a monopoly board and nothing happened.

16. Nikola,

Yeah, I am playing on the Russian board now, it is quite great and has very interesting squares... Now that I think about it, I think that German board is even better and even more interesting.

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