An option to create a log which gives the time for the occured events

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1. soundarya,

I think it would be valuable to have a possibility of seeing the time when each event took place, like when a person joined your table, or sent a message etc. sometimes, for example, when someone says brb 1 hour and stays absent on the table, and you were absent yourself, you have no idea how long you need to wait.

Probably the time could be stored in each event and shown only when requested for.
Thanks and regards,

2. godfather,

sounds pritty useful, yes.

3. squalinator ,

Agreed. This could be pretty helpful.

4. The-Chaos,

yeah, I'd appreciate 3 customisable modes for this-

  1. tells you how long ago a person sent the message. like the-chaos said: hello. 52 minutes ago.
  2. the time at which the message was sent. for example, the-chaos says: hello. at 16:34.
  3. none.

5. soundarya,

3. none. like the-chaos said: Hello.

6. DarthSidious ,

This is indeed a good idea.

7. The-Chaos,

now if only our dear and responsible developer takes note, we could have something done, or else it'll join the oh-so-massive list of already-growing useful ideas, don't you guys think?

8. Everyone,

Not only was that rather disrespectful, but also quite unnecessary. Usually good suggestions are noticed, but it might take some time obviously.

9. Aminiel,


I'm not saying that it's a bad idea, but as the system is working currently, this suggestion is totally unfeasible. It would require a major change of the client and the protocol.

10. YNWA,

Message to the-chaos and other like-minded people.

Your post not only discourages Aminiel but other members of staff who work to improve the PR day in and day out. They think why should I work hard for these ...'s when they don't appreciate it. Aminiel and the rest of us work hard so many other blind people can enjoy the games all over the world. Many have enjoyed the games and want to give something back and this is their chance, but your comments just make us feel like why should I bother and in the end we just work less and less instead of more and more.

Fortunately not everybody acts the way you do and a number do appreciate it.

11. The-Chaos,

obviously, it was meant to be a sarcastic jab in a good-natured way, and of course, I respect the hard work put in by the developer and rest of the staf. but what do I know about humour. I'm such a noob in that.

12. YNWA,

Lesson one: humour is general and not personalised. I.E. not directed at an individual.

13. The-Chaos,

lesson2: lesson1 is not applicable in all the situations where sarcasm is involved.

14. DarthSidious ,

How many ideas will be rejected yet with the easy cause, it would require a major redesign? Lol

15. Vojvoda ,

Too much work for too less profit, as long as you have that result everything will be rejected

16. The-Chaos,

expected. sighs. LOL.

17. YNWA,

that's right chaos, well learnt. You may do a better job of resolving brexit or perhaps even get out Steve Smith!

18. The-Chaos,

want me to mail them trucks full of pizzas so that they don't run out of food after brexit is done? ????????????

19. soundarya,

I agree with ameniel.
This suggestion is really not so important that one single person should do an entire redesigning of such a big platform.
We should remember that whenever an improvement is feasible ameniel does it. I have been on playroom for more than 6 years and i have witnessed its growth.
There is a reason why playroom continues to be the universal social network for the blind.

20. The-Chaos,


21. YNWA,

That is the issue lol, they won't get through, ahaha.

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