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1. godfather,

I just thought it wouldbe a cool feature to add. Or for instance, removing messages. For example if you accidentally end up writing something not realising somebody is on the table who you didn't want to read that message, i mean it'd be common sence to hit w and pm if that's the case but we are humans. we all make mistakes. and its possible the person reads the message before we remove it or edit or whatever, but you know. would be helpful regardless. Plus editing would kinda help with editing a badly written message such as when i bairly am able to keep my eyes open and i have to write a big ass message to somebody, i can just edit it cause i know i'll make lots, i mean looooooooots of type os. i can think a lot more uses of these features off the top of my head, but i'll leave it to this for now. what are your guys views on this?

2. soundarya,

Seems to be an interesting idea.
Probably it could be done that the message could be stored in some form so that in case someone crashes your eloquence or something and then deletes it, you still succeed in reporting him.

3. Nikola,

Cannot be done since the history is always locally stored. Once the message is delivered no record is kept outside of your client. It would probably require many major structural changes.

4. soundarya,

I see your point yes.

5. godfather,

does make sence yes

6. Vojvoda ,

True yes

7. DarthSidious ,

Unnecessary answer yes

8. The-Chaos,

unnecessary continuation of the topic yes

9. godfather,

that is due to unnecessary agreements and yesses yes

10. Aminiel,


Nothing is kept on the server once your PM or chat message is sent, therefore it's impossible to edit or delete what you ahve just written. Think it as if you were shouting in the street, or talking to your neighbor.

The situation is completely different with the forum and permanent messages. Those are stored and thus can be edited or deleted at any time.

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