Method to send message to the last person we sent a message.

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1. soundarya,

Hello there,
I think this can be better explained with an example.
Lets say one is chatting with a user x by private message, and he uses the at symbol for quick response, and gets a message from a user Y just when he is about to hit enter, then there is a possibility of user y recieving a message not intended for them.
I was wondering if it would be possible to add another functionality such that it would be easy to send a message to the person the sender has texted last. That way, one can use a quick method of private messaging without worrying about an unintended message. What if we could use probably an exclamation symbol or something of that sort to send to a person we have texted

Used x and y just for the sake of simplicity, such short names are not possible on playroom.

2. squalinator ,

This would be pretty helpful if it were implimented. It happens a lot here and sometimes it is very inconvenient.

3. alphaxploder ,

+1 soundarya

4. Nikola,

Not a bad idea. Could be useful. For now though, one thing you can do to prevent this in case you are having an important discussion and don't want to make that mistake is to keep your friends list open and focus on the friend you are talking to, then press ctrl m, after which you can type a message. You can keep repeating that process for future messages.

5. Lemonade,

This is a good idea. Alternatively, a keystroke or something which locks the @ command with no arguments to a specific person.

6. soundarya,

Yes Nikola.
Also, you can coppy the following text and paste it each time.
where user is the person you are communicating with.

7. godfather,

yeah this happens a lot so will be useful

8. soundarya,

Also I agree with everyone, would be really useful if the functionality of at could be locked by some keystroke to send message to the last person we texted to.

9. Aminiel,


I don't like multiplying the commands and symbols, but I agree with the timing issue.

IN the meantime, you can use up arrow to navigate through the 30 last chat messages you wrote. If you reach one starting with @X, you will notice that the @X + space isn't selected, so that you can replace the old message by a new one without rewriting the nickname.

10. soundarya,

Thank you very much.
I had not noticed it.

11. Nikola,

I have noticed this some time ago, but these are the tipe of things easily forgotten. Quite intelligent design though, the up arrow command made me quite confused back when I was just getting started with the Playroom, but it is indeed very useful. Does it do the same for commands? For example, /invite or /add where up arrow wont select the command so you can just tipe the argument?

12. Aminiel,

Does it do the same for commands? For example, /invite
or /add where up arrow wont select the command so you can just tipe the argument?

Yes it does !

Stay careful with this though, there are still a few nasty bugs.

13. BellaBlack666,

What about just in the pm section it shows a list, let's say I get a message from Daniel, and a second message from Jane, there should be an option to show the names in a list view form so that we can choose who we want to respond to first especially if we're getting multiple messages.

14. godfather,

aulternatively, there could be a timer system. like for instance i am chatting with godmother over pm, and just as i'm about to send her an important message, alphaxploder sends me a random hi or something. if there's a timer thing set up, if for example i type @ and send my reply(meant to godmother) it'll actually be sent to her, not to alphaxploder as he sent his message less than 5 seconds before me sending mine. it could probably be a bit more than 5 seconds(up to the dev) but i was just trying to explain my sugestion better.

Latest edition by godfather, Nov 5 2019 07:18:44

15. Vojvoda ,

I must say that the playroom interface from what I can see is meant to be quick and easy. If we slow down messaging that way will look like on RS games, I personally would not like such, let's name them drastic changes. If you want to be sure that you are sending a message to the right person you have two options, press control+m on his name or type @ + his name manually. It also doesn't take more than 5 seconds, even less

16. helleon,

True, everyone avoid having long usernames and then we can all just type the name. In the case of BellaBlack666 the only thing I had to do when she changed her username was check whether there were any hyphons or dashes or whatever!

17. soundarya,

I am not much of a gamer, but I think it would also be easier to play uno with players with shorter usernames, sorry its a bit off topic though.

18. Fawaz,

personallyI use SR's dictionary ;)

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