Suggestion refering to the disconnection of the table master

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1. Cristina,

it would be cool if somehow a master of the table can alocate someone to be the master should they disconnect.
Or if after a certain time it would pass by implicit to the other player who was sitting next to the table master.
As it is when the table master is leaving, the bot is taking his place and the player who was sitting next to the table master is becoming the new table master.
It's not fun at all to stay and play games for a longer time and to be forced to leave because the table master got disconnected and nobody else could take the place of him.
Maybe guys you have a better suggestion for being solved this really annoying issue if it is possible.
Thanks, Cristina.

2. Vojvoda ,

I think in such cases you are supposed to call a helper to help :D but of course if helper is not online it causes problems.

Relating to this suggestion, maybe it would be cool to add multiple table masters, so the one who created the table could give masterism to more people, let's say if Cristina created the table and is playing spades with bob rob and tob, Cristina knows she can get disconnected because of bad connection so she makes bob master as well.

3. soundarya,

I must say that the examples you took as nicnames are really funny!
And yes, I like your suggestion.

4. godfather,

man i was about to suggest this today woe! mindreading much? :P

5. Qais,

Totally agree.

6. Turtle ,

Sounds reasonable

7. squalinator ,

This could be helpful

8. YNWA,

RS have a thing that if you are disconnected/inactive for a set amount of time another player can pick it up. If you disconnect and choose a "second in line" and they disconnect, leave or get replaced you may have the same issue, what happens if you forget to change your "second in line" having replaced them with a new person or a person that speaks about 7 words of English and you disconnect.

9. Lemonade,

LOL by that same logic, commercial flights don't need a co-pilot either because what happens when that one were to fall unconscious as well?
I don't think the suggestion was made with a 100% fail safe system in mind. That would be unrealistic.

10. Aminiel,


It's quite complicated to define a second in case the master disconnects, compared to the benefits, and it doesn't prevent from any problem: what about a third person then ? and a fourth ? and so on.

That's really not easy, so things are kept simple: the next one automatically become table master.
If you remember, that was also the case in the past on skype, MSN and others. No complicated thing to define in advance who should come next.

However, if that's really true that bots are made table master, it's clearly a bug. If you have any report showing it...

11. helleon,

Then maybe there should just be a system that anyone in a table can use so that the time a player can sstay absent in table can be decided by anyone. RS used to have that format and it worked pretty well for the most part. Example: Cristina creates a table and I am also in that table. Cristina leaves for around 30-45 seconds. I decide that players who are idle or disconnected for more than one minute can be kicked from the game. The minute passes and Cristina is kicked out, and either I, or the person next to Cristina, depending on how the system is implimented, become the master of the table.

12. Lemonade,

I think the main problem is that people who become suddenly disconnected are at the table for an extended period of time before leaving. But if said person is the table master, we cannot invite anyone to replace them, or save the table for example. This can take quite a number of minutes. Something that would auto change the table master if, for example, the table master is disconnected for more than about 3 minutes, would go a long way towards fixing the problems. I don't think there is any problem with the table master just leaving. In that case, the master changes immediately, so there is no problem really.

13. YNWA,

You could choose a set time as table master where the control of tablemaster will go straight to the next player at the beginning of any game.

14. RedHawk,

Many great games gets ruined if master gets disconnected. Dependıng on the game they are either kicked out of the game or are replaced with a bot at which point bot makes a move which is against what the player had in mind.

Perhaps just give players the ability to save the table if master gets disconnected, and master could restore it back whenever they need. That way you don't have to deal with complicated mastership stuff and your hour-long game is not ruined because of a simple disconnection.

15. Aminiel,

Remember that a player isn't immediately removed or replaced as soon as he goes offline. The system normally waits for at least 5 minutes before taking it as a real disconnection and removing or replacing with a bot.

The disconnection is normally only immediate when delibrately pressing Alt+F4.

16. soundarya,

Yes but its a really undesireable situation when the master gets disconnected and now you have no way to save the table unless the mastetr logs back in soon enough. But if his internet drops for lets say 15 minutes, then as mentioned, its certain that a bot will join the table. if it could be instead saved by a player who is not master it would be a good feature I think.

17. YNWA,

It is not a complete solution but you can narrow down some of those risks. If you know you have a terrible connection why become table master? Why are you joining a game when you know someone will always be stuck? Are you one of those people who gives control to a person who has a terrible connection? If you have such a terrible connection do you hand table master to someone that has a better connection?

18. soundarya,

Well I personally do not play games much either. Just felt that the suggestion is right, but as ameniel explained its difficult to implement. I responded because i wanted to explain that the 5 minutes that we wait after the table master has got disconnected does not help a bit if he does not luckily reconnect. Otherwise you just stay and wait hoping that the master can reconnect before he is kicked out.

19. YNWA,

agree with that but if situations can't bbe resolved then people have to take action to ensure it does not happen so much. Being a table master is not wise if you know you are more than likely to have those issues, sometimes you may not know but other times you do. Also turning off SKYPE or dropbox can help too. I have even known of someone slowing a game down by playing in the PR and RS at the same time, I knew because I did a check once lol.

20. soundarya,

Yeah I agree but there are way too many people, including myself, whose internet just works fine most of the time but the element of unpredictability also exists to a large extent.

21. YNWA,

Fortunately the internet will improve all over the world soon. They are sending a number of satalites into space and that apparently will mean that internet for many people will get better, how long it will take to be in action I don't know.

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