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1. Parrion,

Hey there. We are a small team with 5 people, we want to translate this game to
Turkish if possible

2. YNWA,

I think you have to contact admin. On the website home page there is a link to contact staff.

3. Nikola,

Dream on. Either there is no infrastructure, when there is one there is no time, when there is time there is no trust for you, when you find somebody with trust you will probably nicely be ignored. That's from multiple years of communication and attempt at a translation. I wish you good luck, but I don't think we'll get any new languages in the near future. I would just like to point out that I have translated multiple games and apps, some from developers who's English is way worse than Aminiel's and it never took more than a few messages to get started.

4. Vojvoda ,

Besides if we would start translating into Serbian we would finish the job in less than a week, I am very sure about that, if there is no trust what's so big problem to give us files with translation and see if we really do it or not. I am very sad that noone is interested in giving us a chance.

5. Nikola,

That part of it I can understand, since Playroom is constantly being updated and you don't really get files in the traditional way and send them back, as far as I know Aminiel said once there's a web interface for translating and that his biggest problem with translators is that after some time, they abandon their language and stop updating it. Sadly, that's a risk you sometimes have to take. If the community is large enough, you should ask somebody to take the translation over in such a case. Check NVDA, for example, slightly different since it is open sourced, however still there are outdated languages and sometimes they do have to be removed even if it's not the best thing to do or openly asking people to contribute to them. Moderation is a different topic which as I said people can disagree about for days, but no team is perfect and you always have a risk of people leaving and having to be replaced. That happened in English, happened even in French and it's just life. It's of course important that the language is not left unmoderated as that can cause chaos, but there is no definitive way for any future or new team to proove that to you or make sure it wont happen.

6. YNWA,

There are over 30 games so to suggest it will take a week to complete is like saying Manchester United will win the Premier League this season or the next one, it is laughable I am sorry to say and that is not going to help your case at all. I don't know about translation but I am a typist for many years so do know about copying texts and to get it word for word is not so easy. You also test things out to find out errors and with so much text and it is the same for Quiz Party there are bound to be some errors. We are humans so make mistakes and do the best we can but it takes time, I can tell you from experience rushing will only make the process last longer plus it is the last thing Aminiel wants to here.

7. Nikola,

Talking about how long it will take is pointless. It will be ready when it's ready, which is never because it wont ever happen.

8. YNWA,

It is better to under promise than over promise, it is not fair on Serbian people reading this because if you got the job then they would expect the Serbian PR to be ready in a week. That would only put you under more pressure than you need. All these comments have done is make Aminiel take you less seriously and have more doubts.

9. Nikola,

I did not make that comment, nor would I. You never know what can happen during that time, which I do agree is pretty unrealistic. It's not just games. Games are just one part. You have the whole interface, website which includes game rules, and possibly a bunch of text not visible to other users such as messages related to administration, channels and so on. However, to put some of this into perspective, when translating NVDA user guide, which is about 170000 characters, it took about week to week and a half, and that with shorter breaks since I had a lot of time to work on it. I usually don't give out any release dates, so if we would start this the community would know the work on it started, and that's about it. There's no reason to give any time, but I equally don't plan to write motivational letters to Aminiel so he feels it's the right time to start. My offer stands, and if one day things are more open it would be excellent for the community.

10. Vojvoda ,

Yes that time is pretty unrealistic I should admit my mistake, I said it in excitement about the whole thing, I myself would work on it hardly to get it translated as fast as possible.
But it would not be fair to have Serbian playroom and not Turkish, or arabic since there are hunderds of players from these countries, serbian playroom would probably be useless, and except few of us noone would even use it. So I fully support Aminiel's thinking and doupts. if we look at statistics Serbia is not even in first 20 countries with most users. So unless we change that no translation should be started. We would update it in time but what's the point if translators are the only users, imagine if doctors would heal only themselves.

11. YNWA,

If there is a PR in someone's own language it would grow the number of users there is no doubt. A platform can only be successful if there are enough people willing to use it regularly especially at the start to give it enough time to grow. In my opinion Turkish, Arabic and Romanian PRs could work, others I remain to be convinced, not that I am the person to convince of course.

I think translation teams have to ensure they all sing from the same hymn sheets and there are no loose cannons floating about to give their team bad PR. I also feel helpers have to work with new translation teams more (if they are from one section) to help them put a team that will fit Aminiel's requirements together.

12. Vojvoda ,

Yep it would grow the number of users but it is not that there would constantly be more than 5 people online, it's difficult to explain serbia is a country with population of 8 million so it is kinda small country with weak IT education for blind people, people are not really interested in such things. We translated crazy party and ontoys, on both these platforms I could not tell you 20 names of people who use them. Even romanian translation should have priority over us, good that you reminded me of romanian players.

13. YNWA,

What about Croatia and other surrounding countries would they understand Serbian or is it a different language altogether?

14. Vojvoda ,

They would understand it all but everything what I said about serbia is copy paste

15. StormProductions,

I translated OnToys in Romanian and that took me just a few messages to get started. Here, is too complicated, and it doesn't even motivate people to translate this way.

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