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1. The-Chaos,

Hi guys, as you know, to currently open a URL, you have to copy the URL first and paste it in the browser's address bar. What I want to suggest is devising such a system in PR itself wherein you hit the ctrl+shift+space on a message containing a URL in the history buffer and your default browser opens with that link. let me know what do you all think!

Latest edition by The-Chaos, Oct 11 2019 10:21:11

2. Aminiel,


It already exist.

3. Qais,

hello, Press F10, select Security, then Enable Allow automatic links, then you can press ctrl + enter on any link in the history buffer To open it.

4. The-Chaos,

Aah, thanks. Did not know about it. It is a really handy feature.

5. Nikola,

Since this feature is the topic, one thing I would like to see is if there are multiple links in one message, it should not by default open the first one but rather ask you which one do you want to open.

6. Everyone,

Haha cool, didn't know about this option. And yes that last suggestion is a good one.

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