A 'would you like to play...' option?

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1. helleon,

I really make suggestions, but I feel this one may be worthwhile. I think the Playroom should have a Dice World-like system implimented, as well as the tables system, so that people who don't want to create tables can ask the room at large if anyone would be interested in playing a particular game. This could save people having to wait in tables for no one to join.

2. Nikola,

Perhaps it's just me, but I don't see how this would be different to just creating a table and waiting for people to join. You'd still wait for somebody to accept your challenge, unless you are thinking of asking a specific person, in which case that's what invitations are used for. Perhaps I didn't understand your suggestion well though. If we could keep the chat in main room, that's one of it's uses. You would go to main room and ask if anybody feels like playing farkle. Only problem is people can't talk there without speaking their own language or spamming.

3. helleon,

You're spot on Nikola. Difference is though, between this and tables, is that with this you can still browse the main room and look for games, instead of wasting your time sitting at a table in vain. This way you can find out if anyone wants to play that game. Give it a few seconds. No luck? Continue looking etc

4. godfather,

you still know if somebody created a new table, cause they notify you, if you are in an open game table. so ye.

5. Nikola,

I would suggest something different, that is the ability to look for tables even while you are already on a table, perhaps with a shortcut like shift ctrl j. It would allow you to see if a game is already available.

6. helleon,

Sure, that could do just as well.

7. Lemonade,

I like that last suggestion better.

8. Miralina,

yes, the last suggestion is indeed a very good one.

9. Vojvoda ,

Yep the last suggestion rocks

10. Dayan,

The last suggestion is cool.

11. dalibor,

a would you like to play yes, the last suggestion is awesome

12. Aminiel,


I think I have missed something: what was the original proposition exactly ?
I don't understand what do you mean by a "would you like to play..." or "dice world like system" option, as I'm not on that platform. Please explain.

13. helleon,

My proposition was that there be an option where you could ask the mainroom at large if anyone would like to play a particular game. I feel it could work particularly well with games that people rarely play. For example, if I wanted to play Zanzibar, I ask the room at large if anyone would like to play. I browse the main room while waiting for an answer. If after a designated time (say, 60 seconds) I get no response, I can just go to a different game. This could be more like a notification that makes a sound as opposed to just coming up in the list of someone created this or joined that. You could even turn it on for certain games you like, if you want to get notified that someone wants to play

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14. Vojvoda ,

I am sorry to ask but what's the difference between waiting in main room and waiting at a table of uno for example?
If someone wants to play he'll check firstly if there are some games to join, if not he will create his table and wait there. It's not like you can miss some messages from main room right?

15. soundarya,

You might choose to watch a game only if you do not get a desired game to play. for example while watching a game of uno its not possible to see what games are available without quitting the table, unless you want to press ctrl w and walk through all the users. Hence the suggestion. I think the last suggestion by nicola is very good, which will allow you to see the list of games even when you are watching a game.

16. helleon,

Guys, not everybody watches the main room. Most people will be creating tables anyway. In my view the best way is just to notify the room at large that you want to play whatever. Let the creating a table option stay the way it is

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