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1. YNWA,

I was sent an ending to a game of Quiz Party and it had the following comment:

Tayem97 is the winner !
Tayem97 says: and google is very nice helper

This player as you can see is a cheat.

The whole point of the PR is to play games, make friends and have fun. With a bit of luck you might learn something new on the way with some of the games. It was also sad to see how few people congratulated the winners of both recent tournaments.

2. Dayan,

This is why a time limit exists, so people have no chance to google the question. And I am not sure how allowed it is to copy here something that another user said, I guess it had to be reported to admins rather. Anyway, these are just games and I don't mind winning or losing. I just come to have fun with my friends and make new ones.

3. Lemonade,

Yes, time limit should prevent this from happening.
And if it doesn't, it's pretty simple. Do not play with that player again. You can't prevent them from doing what they are doing, so the best way to avoid this is to exclude them from the list of people you play with in future. Perhaps he will have some friends who also enjoy Google, in which case the objective of the game becomes to become the most skilled at looking up answers in google as quickly as possible. Not exactly my cup of tea, but people get their fun from different aspects of a game sometimes. Not playing with this group of people will suffice. Not worth creating special rules for IMO, especially because it's impossible to prove someone is using google if they are smart enough not to mention it.
Besides, it could've also just been a bluff. Most people set their time limits pretty tight for exactly that reason.

4. YNWA,

You can't report people for cheating as it would open up a whole can of worms. Although people can be named and shamed. It is possible that this person was bluffing, I don't know as I had only seen a couple of questions and the comments at the end. I do agree it is best not to play this person or others like them. The only good thing is one of the questions I saw I managed to update so a different answer now.

5. Aminiel,


There's no way to detect if google is used, since it happens outside of the playroom window. The best is to not play with them anymore, and generally set a short time limit (15 or 20 seconds). If they are smart enough, they will eventually notice that they are left alone and will stop doing that; otherwise, too bad for them.

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