[Solved] Time on Playroom

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1. StormProductions,


I'd suggest that instead of showing a specified timezone, Playroom would detect your computer's timezone and show it when viewing a message in your imbox or in the forum, or everywhere where the time is shown.

I hope you got my point.


2. marina7,

Currently it does not detect time zone automatically as far as I know, however, you can do that manually:
Open the website, make sure you're logged in.
Then go to settings "your name"
And at the first level 1 heading you'll find a range of categories, not only the general one that is selected by default and most users know. Choose display settings from there, and you'll find several comboboxes with the first one to set your time zone and other comboboxes to change the format of date and time.

3. StormProductions,

@marina7, this was so helpful! Thank you a lot! You can now close this topic.

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