A future suggestion about displaying stream metadata

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1. Nikola,

Hello. These days, it's not infrequent to find tables where we stream various radio stations and listen to all kinds of music. Radio stations usually provide titles of each song in their stream metadata, so if we hear something really good and want to see what it is, it's not hard to look up. My suggestion is to add a shortcut to extract this info from a stream and display it to the user, if it exists. Possibly it is not very easy to implement with the current system, but it is something to consider for a future big update. As it stands, to find this info I'd have to find the stream URL and look it up in the media player, which is really easy if you are the master, but sadly isn't if you have recently joined. Additionally, if this suggestion is not that easy to implement, a shortcut to copy the URL of a current stream would also be a good idea.

2. sanagui_24 ,

could be a good idea, this could be implemented?

3. StormProductions,

Good idea.

Once i was listening to a radio station and I've catched up a good song, and I didn't know what tis name was.
I was lucky because I had Shazam near me so it helped me out.

So yeah, it's a good idea, though I think it requires a clint update to make, but i'm not sure as I'm not a professional programmer.

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