a suggestion for bots

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1. Rory101,

hello, I thought it would be cool if you could name your bots so that then you can more accurately simulate playing with someone else if there is no one else around.

2. StormProductions,

That would be a good idea. Also adding a "bot" tag would help avoid confusion or impersonating.

3. YNWA,

Would you trust people here not to mess about with it?

4. Nikola,

I mean, that is why he said that it should always clarify it is a bot. If you look at it that way, people can mess with table topics and status messages too. That being said, I do think it is somewhat pointless. There are platforms which allow you to do this, and it's just a design choice which does not make too much difference either way. If you really want your bots to be personalized, use a temporary dictionary while playing or something.

5. StormProductions,

Temporary dictionary? That's weird, as only you can see that name. Isn't it intresting when everyone on here can see the name that you have set?

6. Nikola,

That is exactly what is problematic. This is Playroom, a large community wheve everybody wants to abuse each feature sadly.

7. Rory101,

yeah but the bots could just have the word bot in front of their name. then there would be no confusion.

8. jonnyboy1991,

I mean, that's a cool idea

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