Random kicking of players, and some suggestions for fixing it.

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1. ethan714,

this just happened to me today, and I know that this has happened to other people on playroom that I know, and that is what seems to be sometimes random kicking of players.
well I am not trying to complain about this issue, I am trying to point out that it seems to be for no reason at times. And if it is for one it's not a very good one.
I can think of a couple good ways to fix this so that it doesn't just happen. first, you could set an idle timer.
for example, say I've been disconnected for two minutes. In that case, the table master would have full ability to kick me out of the table if they choose to.
we could do the same thing for players who maybe might be connected but are still not taking their turns.
or, I know this one would be a lot more challenging to implement, but have the table master put in a reason as to why they are kicking player X out of the table.
I know that coding can take a while, and how challenging it can be, but these are just some suggestions so that things like this do not happen as regularly anymore.
i'm sorry if this is coming off as a complaint, this is not what I'm intending it to be. thanks

2. Nikola,

Hello. Unfortunately both solutions don't really work in practice. In the first case of a timer, what happens if somebody is a spammer and joins your table to constantly abuse? You could not kick him since there is no disconnection. In the second case, somebody can just type any reason, even just asdf and you'd still be kicked for no reason. Basically, it is very unfortunate that some people do this, but the best thing you can do is avoiding to play with them in the future and find somebody else to play with.

3. helleon,

Three strike system kids, send history reports and then shift the likes of those people from this platform. Do something similar with people who just create tables and leave them sitting there

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