Why there is a friend before the status msg in the friend list?

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61. Vojvoda ,

Silence there

62. Sajad-Aliraqi,

@tiny you will keep up with it I'm not putting up with it anymore.
This stubborness is the key to start a never ending redundant discussion.

63. StormProductions,

I'm making a call to the helpers to close this topic. It became a war instead of a calm discussion, and that's surely not accepted on this forum. If you don't like this feature, at least don't force people to dislike it like you do.

64. The-Queen,

Now I'm amused. How could a word create such a drama? Wow. There are people and people, but we need to learn to respect each others' opinions.
The solution is simple. If you like playing in here, then you put up with and be patient. If you think it's going to be a new super awesome cool feature, then you again be patient. Patience and respect are great things not everyone can accomplish but they are important aspects in order for all of us to have fun and be understanding towards each other. I didn't read the whole topic, nor did I want to. It just amused me how some people can be so rude and disrespectful and create scenes which already exist in movies. We don't really need them in our lives, do we?

65. Vojvoda ,

And how could you revive this drama after two full weeks of silence?

66. The-Queen,

Hahaaa, I don't know. But you know, maybe we could make a movie out of it and call it 'why is exactly friend?'and we can classify it as drama. :D

67. YNWA,

As this topic wasn't closed then anyone who wishes to can write what they want within reason.

68. godfather,

lol, would be fun if the we liked the playroom! topic got more posts and revivals like this :)

69. The-Queen,

Yes, the topic is opened, so we're still fine to write, aren't we? We need some great writers after all to compile, edit and create a drama out of all our messages, then some actors, or yet better, ourselves to play our own roles. What say bout that? Haha.

70. StormProductions,

Let me make a tts skit out of this one. Roflflfl.

Latest edition by StormProductions, Feb 10 2020 00:01:46

71. GoldenWisdom,

But what if they remove you from their friends list but you don't remove them from yours? It could still say friend and look confusing.

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