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1. berniesanderslover,

Hi there. I would like to introduce a new trivia game to the play room. Could i submit the code for review and potential posting? I would do all the question validating and related responsibilities.

2. Everyone,

Perhaps you could elaborate a bit more on why this game is different to quiz party?

3. YNWA,

You need to say more about your new game but I will point out some issues that I cansee already.

If there is a new game it has to be available to most if not all languages. Will you ensure your game is available to other languages?

How will you ensure your new game will not repeat the same questions as Quiz Party and how Will Quiz Party avoid repeating questions in your new game?

I don't like to publicly comment on what questions other people send in as they send in their questions in good faith. However from looking at the way your questions are written I would not reccomend you as a Validator. As you have suggested it publicly I have to tell Aminiel the truth.

Also your subject is misleading as you say new game when it is either a proposal/suggestion.

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4. berniesanderslover,

I already have it made for nine languages. And i am a good question writer since i have seen six of my questions in quiz party games

5. Nikola,

A way to put someone down, nice job dear quiz party validator. I guess your job is to publicly shame anyone you don't like too? I've seen many questions with wrong spelling, but I wont go to the forum and say validators are not doing their job because I saw 5 questions with tipos, rather there's a great signalling feature I will use.

6. Everyone,

If you truly did so much legwork already, you could've at least taken the time to explain what the game is about and why it differs from the trivia game we already have. For example, do you have a rules document? And if so, why not post it here?

Until such time as we have some more clarity, I simply cannot take this seriously. If it turns out this is a legitimate undertaking, I'll be happy to retract my statement. Thing is, there currently is literally no proof that this is legit. And even if it was, wouldn't it have been better to get in touch with Aminiel before writing up the game plan, and in 9 languages no less?

7. YNWA,

Quiz Party is not so easy to create as some may think. It takes a lot of time and effort and as you say Nikola there may be some errors and it is the duty of other players if they spot errors in some of the questions. With 17,500 questions there are going to be some errors and that is why there is a report facility. If you have your own agenda and do not wish to act in the best interest of the PR then that is a sad reflection on you as a person and I just pity you.

I have no problem with saying this person is not able to validate to a high standard as they claim on this forum as I gave my qualified opinion. If it was the other way I would have said the same.

8. Nikola,

And you said that based on what, one post? In that post you did not spell recommend correctly, so does that make you not qualified too? Also, the fact I have something against what you said does not have anything to do with quiz party nor the Playroom, because you are neither quiz party nor the Playroom, against both of which I have nothing, whihch applies to you as well, I'm simply disagreeing with the things you are saying, which does not mean I have something against your work in Quiz party as that is a completely separate thing. If I had something against that, I would have expressed it in another topic.

9. YNWA,

Do you seriously think I judge a person on one error? I seriously can't see how anybody can create say 10,000 questions in each language that are appropriate to that language/country without repeating what we already have.

10. Vojvoda ,

Without wanting to insult anyone but, just as Everyone I would like to hear why is this game different to quiz party. As much as I know trivia games are the same.

11. YNWA,

I am not sure if it is possible but if there was a quiz that included audio clips as part of the question. That could be music, films, sports stars and even world leaders etc then that would be interesting for people to play and different from Quiz Party. You would need a lot of clips and that of course would take a long time to do.

12. StormProductions,

Wow, that's a good idea. I mean the one with audio clips.

13. Nikola,

Possibly would not be too hard too implement, the only problem you will have to deal with is copyright issues.

14. YNWA,

You would be talking of clips from 10 to 15 second so you are not taking all of a track. Movie/news clips could be longer but not all. Creating a few thousand takes a lot of time, although maybe some users have some clips already. The point really though is this is different and could be interesting. I would be a bit more wiser this time and let others do it as they maybe more skilled than I am at creating clips and have the time.

15. StormProductions,

I'e got a lot of time, so I'd make a ton of clips if needed.

16. Aminiel,


The idea is quite interesting !

We did a blind test for the 2nd anniversary of the playroom in 2012, in direct on a webradio. It was indeed pretty fun and people liked quite a lot.

However, it's quite a lot of work.
We easily took a few dozends of hours to find and prepare about 60 clips for that anniversary evening.

For such a game, we need to think about:

17. Nikola,

Hi Aminiel, thanks for your input. What do you think about a completely different concept of this game, which would also make it different from Quiz party. Why not allow it to be completely managed by users, essentially making it similar to the little exam? Let's say I create a table of audio quiz. I'm allowed to choose the number of questions, and for each one to propose a link to stream. Then, in the same way choose whether I myself as the master will be the judge, or let it change at each round. Obviously, as I'm the one proposing questions I wont be able to play the game as that would be unfair. This way, both variants could work fine, having four answer to choose from or simply being able to type the answer and it could be a great game to play with friends. This would avoid both the issues of storage and copyright, since everything would be streamed by the client and managed by the master.

18. YNWA,

You can use a Free table and create an audio quiz whenever you want now. I don't think it is a good idea where if you want to play a game you have to create your own questions. If it is just left for those with Audio ability to creat games for others then you would not get many games. Joan, John and Fred have audio clips and Brad has none, does that mean he can't play or does he have to skip being judge as he has no clipsfor questions?

I think it is worth looking into copyright issues but I do agree it will take up a lot of memory and perhaps even more as you say. You could say a limit of say 128 bps but I am sure some will send in clips of 256 or even 320.

If we are to use audio clips I would suggest adding an extra category to Quiz party and slowly build up an extra music category as music is popular in all languages. You can guess artist, titles, years, words, and even linked words, (you may here 3 songs and find the connecting word such as yellow submarine bby the Beatles, mellow yellow by Donovan, and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. The connecting word would be yellow). (you may also have the word money in 3 songs)It It could be possible to add other clips later in Film, Television, sport etc and once the audio clips category is much bigger then create a full quiz as just an audio quiz. This may limit the the memory space needed for clips for now.

I would add that there is little point in creating questions where the answer is too obvious.

Aminiel you could put this suggestion to the French side as they may have some good ideas too.

19. Nikola,

Hmm, I must say that I do like the idea of a separate quiz party category too, that would probably be smaller than creating a separate game itself.

20. Aminiel,

If you think about implementing a system like the little exam for judging the answers, it isn't a good idea.
It doesn't work very well. Most people want something totally automatic.

IN the little exam, you really must be good friends to have this system well working, without anyone be frustrated or feeling unfair.
Implementing such a system for an audio quiz is going to be a big work, compared to what it is probably going to be used.

21. YNWA,

I agree it can be a lot but I still think worthwhile, if you create a complete audio quiz then you have issues with building up a lot of questions to start the game off. Would we have issues if say the Italian section reached 3000 and others could access the audio quiz with less questions by just changing the language as they did in Quiz party. I playe audio music quizzes on teamtalk and they prove to be very popular. There is no rush with what we do so plenty of time to think about it but in the long-term I think it would be very interesting for the PR.

If my memory is correct you can take 10% of copyright material but best to look into it before we do anything. Remember the clips could have words missing and in some cases not so recognisable so people are hardly going to download the material to listen later.

22. belatrix,

hi. I vould this game is nice. :d

23. YNWA,

It can be done but a word of warning it is not just about creating a clip but creating a clip with a good question and having 4 credible/realistic answers that fit the question. For example there is no point in creating a clip where it is not possible to have 4 realistic answers. From experience people have sent in good questions and only think about the answer then throw in 3 others that may or may not fit the question. People need to do their research not just on the question but the answers that come with it. We are validators not experts so can't always come up with the rest to make a question acceptable, many times the question becomes the validators not the original sender as they have done 80% of the work to make that question good enough for Quiz party.

Remember when you send in your question we have to be able to find the correct answers to validate your question in a reasonable time. It is unrealistic to expect validators to spend a huge amount of time on finding an answer to a question that they don't know. Also some questions can be like researching 4 questions in one. A good example of a question like this is which of the following did not make number 1 in the UK. The validator would have to check all 4 answers as any of them could be number 1 so these kind of questions is not a validator's favourite question.

While I am here...

Some people recently have flagged up questions that have no relation to the question they are reporting. Sometines if you are slow at flagging up a question your comments go into a box for the next question. For example a player wants to report a sport question but their comments go into a history question's comment box. I wander if Quiz Party can be delayed when a question is reported so people get a chance to write before the next question comes up.

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