Team Chat for 1000 Miles

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1. StormProductions,


I got a new suggestion in here:

Let's say I'm playing 1000 miles with teams of three players.
what if we could have a team chat that would allow us to send a chat message that would be seen only by the members of that team?

Let me know if you want more info.

Thanks in advance.

2. florianionascu7,

I love this suggestion, Storm. I would like it to be implemented in the Playroom.

3. StormProductions,

Let's say the command would be /tc message, /tc meaning team chat. That would really be a great one.

4. florianionascu7,

It means that the chat text field will contains the following text:
/tc message hello, how are you?

5. Vojvoda ,

Group chats and pms would be really fun, but chatting about a game and your cards in the hand is considered as cheating my friends lol

6. StormProductions,

No, it means that the edit field would contain something like: /tc Hello.

7. helleon,

How is it cheating if it's on your own team? Never understood that

8. ethan714,

it's not. if only your team sees it, and they should, anyway

9. Cristina,

It is cheating if the partners tell their cards to each other.

10. Nikola,

Simple, because in real life you do not know the cards of your partner.

11. AmineTrichine,

Yup, you and your partner are not supposed to share info about cards. You can do it in pm's and no one will know but you can't do that in real life.

12. helleon,

Makes no sense, really, but sure

13. YNWA,

We know people cheat but no point in giving them a helping hand.

14. soundarya,

Hey. What if both teams are allowed to talk about their cards?
I think again it becomes fare.
The table master would have the option at the beginning to enable or disable team chat.

15. Nikola,

If the Playroom wanted this, you would have a way to see the cards of your partner. It's simply not the way it works.

16. soundarya,

I see it yes. effectively then it becomes like an individual verses another.

17. facelessghost,

I like the idea too!
although there is nothing to prevent just writing a personal message to the player on the team, and it will be seen only by the player to whom the message was written.

18. Aminiel,


As already well explained by others, talking to your teammates during a game is considered cheating.
This is the case for most, if not all, of the games allowing teamplay on the playroom.
Typical teamplay usually includes guessing what your teammates have in their hand, what's their strategy, and what are they going to do next, based on their behavior or what they play.

Therefore, it would be unwise to add that feature. While it is always possible to cheat by other means and isn't possible to prevent it completely (we can't prevent using external services), we certainly don't want to encourage it.

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