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1. Rhapsody,

there are a lot of suggestions for this platform: I would like to see voice messages appear in chats at last, I am also terribly irritated by the history of player interaction, I just do not understand. why it was made - it only hinders - for example, someone wrote me a message, and I went away for a moment; returned, and decided to read, and there-a whole garbage with the history of the players, who came out, who came in, and so on... is there something I don't know? maybe you can do something in settings to get it to stay all only the most necessary, but such I have not yet found. I would also like the developer to make more games - all the games here do not have graphics, so in my opinion, it is much easier to write them than with graphics, being a good programmer; and let the developer also make more different sounds for games, because all the sounds in each game are the same. it is also necessary to make it possible to play people from different countries all together, regardless of the language barrier, so that a Frenchman can play with an Englishman in their own language, and Vice versa... it would be just great if there was a separate item with personal messages, and that I could respond to the interlocutor in one window, and not look for it in the list of users or friends. and, having mentioned my offer about tournaments, it would be good to arrange all the same a set of various competitions, with some pleasant rewards for the winner, after all on all game platforms there is vertualnye money - developers earn on it, and it obsalyutno normally - nobody obliges people to pay; and the competition has to somehow matevirovat people to participate in it.
I have already realized that the psychology of the players here is different, and everyone here is used to just play. if there were more different games, then maybe it was possible to do without innovations with virtual bets or prizes - people would really be interested in playing something new without any bets, but when you play the same thing all the time-it gets boring. the games here are very good - I would like more strategy games, such as "citadel". you could also do something like a social network, so that you could create a profile with the necessary information about yourself, and the person could go and find out something about me, and I about him. you can not go into this, focusing on the fact that the play room is primarily a gaming platform, but since there are free tables for communication, the idea of your own profile is quite appropriate here. I will hope that the game room will develop further, and the developer will implement something new in his braуinchild, so that there will be more people here, and the Play room will have some distinctive features, except for games for the blind.

2. Nikola,

Hello. I can answer about history navigation. To navigate the history if you are away, it is best to use keys page up and down which speak previous and next items of the history. When doing this, you can switch to a different view by pressing alt left and right arrows, or alt plus a number to go to that view directly. For example, pressing alt plus 3 will switch to the discussion view, which has only chats, private messages, people who joined and left the table and that is what you will see when navigating with page up and down. You can also fully customize what each view will contain by going to options, reading and appearance, and choosing a view you want to customise. You can also add and delete views. For example, I have customised the discussion view to exclude messages about people leaving and entering the playroom since I find this a bit useless as it' has it's own friends view. You can ask if you have any questions about this and I'll try to help.
Edit: Also, about answering to private messages, you can use at sign to answer to the last message. For example, if you send hello to me, to reply to you directly I do not need to write your name but in the chat, simply typing @ hello will reply to the last person who messaged me.

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3. facelessghost,

Hello world!
I also want to talk about some important functions.
as for games, there's no problem. sounds at card games and should be like that.
It's a matter of taste.
I'll highlight the important features that I really want to see in the game room.

  1. the ability to play with people in different languages.
  2. for example, I'm from Russia, and unknowing French, I wanted to play with other games, then I have to switch the language and find the right table, and play with people.
    in their native language. That's the only way it works.
    could have worked differently.
    for example, I switched to a different language from Rrussia and found a player. chat and correspondence exclusively in the player's native language. And here's the game itself in my native language.
    What does that give?
    a person from Russia will be able to play with other people from other communities, but the game will be in his native language.
    for example, I'm on Russian, and Nikola in Italian.
    now, to play someone from another community of the game room, you need to change the language globally.
  3. BB codes on the site.

How long have you made the list? did they single out something or quote it?
For a variety of communication I suggest that the developers introduce codes on the forum bb.
This will help to improve and diversify the text, highlight the important, and take advantage of the additional opportunities of the forum.
3. Voice chats.
I write this feature only the third, because I understand that its implementation is very difficult.
But I also support everyone, and I say that it will be very necessary and useful.
at the end of this post I will say that when I came to play on this project, I thought that there was very little interesting, but in fact, it's a good project. And the administration is trying to make sure that people in all languages that the client supports at present, enjoy and play games on this platform.
I will not ask for new games, as it is long, and time consuming.
yes, there may not be enough games, but games are easy to create without graphics, as @Kristen_melodi wrote, but they are very difficult to translate into other languages.
and we have to translate the rules to the game.
and to make it all look competent and understandable in the language in which they translate.
Let everything go on as usual, I think that new games will definitely appear.
But personally, I hope you will consider the proposals I have presented to you.
they are extremely interesting.
Everyone in good spirits and new discoveries for you in 2020!
Respectfully, Ilya!

4. Aminiel,


That's already quite many requests for a single post.

IN general, keep in mind that I'm alone to develop the playroom, and that, sadly, I haven't much time as I had 7-8 years ago when I was a student.
So I'm trying to do my best to regularely add new games and features in the playroom given the the time I have.

5. YNWA,

Paid features would be almost impossible now even if many would pay. People don't mind giving up their free time to make the PR better if they are able to because they know what they are doing is available to other blind people plus they feel they are giving something back to the PR. They also know that the situation is the same for all volunteers for all language versions of the PR. In the UK we have a minimum wage which is getting nearer to £10. I don't know how many man hours each Quiz party has taken to build them to the level they are now but times that by 10 would cost a lot of money. Include Aminiel, admin, helpers and translators then the real cost would be huge. I think you would need a lot more people to lose their sight to make this work commercially.

6. Nikola,

Hey Aminiel, I had one suggestion in regards to views for the next client update. As it stands, views only change the navigation with page up and down. However, can you make it so that the history text box also updates when you change the view so that it only shows the messages related to that view? This will make it easier for new users to discover views, as this is the way people navigate history most often. In addition to that however, this will make views useful for sighted people as well, since as far as I understand at present there isn't really a way to show only chats for example if you are sighted, and this can be quite hard to follow the history and watch chats on a table like uno. Of course, switching to the general view would revert the text box to show the entire history, just like it is now.

7. Aminiel,

This isn't easily doable. The text in the textbox is added with a slight formatting for sighted users and then forgotten about.

How do you know that most users use the textbox to read past messages rather than page up/down ?

8. Rhapsody,

thank you. Yes, I tried to use these keys, but when I switch to the conversation window or personal messages, I still find a lot of garbage in the history before getting to the point I need, although I just had to re-read the correspondence with the player I played with, without anything superfluous. I went into the client settings, I made sure that I did not hear every time who joined whom and so on... but there are a lot of items in the settings with similar values, and it is extremely easy to get confused. how do I set up a story to display only a conversation if I use the necessary keys to select the story with the conversation? and about personal messages, too, not very clear. when I first registered, I was privately written by a person, and I replied to him, just going to the chat window, and it turned out that I wrote to the General chat. then I realized that I needed to find my interlocutor in the list of users or friends, click on it, and select "send a private message", write to him. please describe in more detail the other answer to the last message? thanks to the developer for explaining each point; the only thing I would relentlessly like is to diversify the sounds in games. if the developer has no time to do this, then you can attract users, personally I would be interested. and I also wanted to mention the "citadel": I read the origenal rules of the game, and it was said that this game can be played by two, if the "play with two characters" setting is enabled - and together, by the way, playing with two characters is more interesting, since there is more uncertainty and choice. also, when playing more than two with the same setting, there are new characters, such as the artist, zotchego and so on... well, I think it can be implemented later, but to realize the opportunity to play in the citadel together would be great - and so few people in the room, and with bots, you know, not so interesting to play, unlike playing with real people. I hope that the developer will still be able to make it so that all users of any nationality can play together, because the example has already been given Ontoys, in which this was implemented.

9. Nikola,

Mostly from experience and having to explain about views to everyone, and many people don't even realize they exist. To melody: Go to the options, choose reading and appearance and go down until you find customise view discussion. Press enter. If you want only the chat displayed there, uncheck everything except the public chat item and you should have the result you want. You can do the same for the private messages view. About replying, this is because you forgot to use the at sign. As I have mentioned in my example, let's say I write hello to you. Instead of looking for me in the list, try typing @ hello into the chat box, and it will be sent to the last person who wrote to you. In addition, you can type @nikola hello to make sure it is sent to a specific username instead of looking for it in the list.Hope that helps.

10. StormProductions,

Yes, voice chat is a good feature, and also diversifying sounds would be interesting, and I'm always here if you need a sound designer.
Also I'd like to see a way to translate this game, as I always wanted to do it but sems like the developer has no time to help us do that, and I'm nt sure if it's right or not, but I heard you need to speak French to do that, and that's not good at all. I'd use an English source to translate using Poedit, or even Notepad. Whatever you use, it's ok. I'm going to translate it.

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