Triple Triad

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1. Saamaan,

I was looking at this and I thought "why not?"
Goes through a well explained article of the game and its rules, plus guys interested to see this in action can get Aprone's Triple Triad from
It'd be cool if this game were to be added to Playroom. I really wanted to do some Triple Triadding with some friends.

2. godfather,

sounds interesting. i've played that game and its cool. would like to see this added, as well.

3. Jahreindota,

Have you ever heard of reversi?

"At the beginning of the game, one put 4 tokens in the central squares (D4, D5, E4 and E5).

Each players at his turn puts a token of its color on an unoccupied square. One can only play in the squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent to squares already occupied."
it says in the discription

4. Aminiel,


It looks quite interesting, but also quite complex.
So far after 2 lost games I don't understand all the rules of Aprone's version.

@Jahreindota: Triple Triad has nothing to do at all with Reversi.

5. Saamaan,

There are of course differences between this and Reversi however, one could say some rules could be same for the both. One difference eg, is that cards have different attacks in the cardinal directions, so by just placing one card under the apponent's you could not capture them. Diagonal moves are not possible as well, and there could be an option to reward players with an ultra card that can damage good in a certain direction. Now to make the game balanced, there could be a low chance of the player being rewarded. Whereas in reversi you just keep capturing pieces until you win, here you can't just drop a card randomly to capture enemy's because then that would maybe leave the other end for the foe to strike and get two points.

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