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1. Vojvoda ,

Hi Aminiel and other readers,
What if you would give us option to check what rounds we want to be played in bouillabaisse. For example me and my friends are always bored of the first round and want to exclude it. Some may want to exclude the last round so there is no losing points. Would this be possible?


2. YNWA,

Next you will say you want to choose which cards will give you 50 points, later you will want the option to select 2 cards 1 giving 50 points and another giving 25 points. Maybe I am a traditionalist but I like it as it is. You can't win it early but can lose it, however, usually this game is won with the last 2 cards and that is great.

3. Bhikhari,

Agree Ynwa

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4. Nikola,

If you like it as it is, who prevents you to play like that? I think it is a good idea, and just like other games an option you can use.

5. Dayan,

Well... Not too bad idea but I don't like it as much. it's as if I requested to skip the buying of properties on monopoly because it's too boring to buy them. It's all part of the game. But well, why not? Who doesn't like it simply won't use it.

6. Vojvoda ,

Don't worry incoming days I will write few more suggestions so people can increase number of their posts :D

7. YNWA,

Everybody these days want to shorten everything as they are always in a rush. We might as well play with just 12 cards. If you want to play the first round of bouillabaisse then just play hearts. The point of bouillabaisse is to follow each task and in the last 2 rounds all the tasks are put together. That means if you take out one task they wouldn't be included in the last 2 rounds. If you take out the first round where all hearts/spades/diamonds/clubs give 10 points then they couldn't be included in the last 2 rounds so what is the point of doing that?

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