A quick shortcut in Uno to find out the remaining time

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1. Nikola,

Hello. Would it be possible to add a shortcut like shift r to find out the remaining time at your turn in Uno? Uno is a fast game, so it is not always practical to press r and see if the time limit is enabled in the middle of a game, so if we could see the remaining time it would be a quick and easy way to find out if the option is enabled or not. Originally I thought of a sound near the end of the limit, but since Uno is played quickly it could get distracting as often it is played with a short limit.

2. godfather,

lol i usually dont play uno with timelimits, but yes it does sound like a useful feature

3. Vojvoda ,

Would be very cool to have this thing

4. Aminiel,


I'm unsure that it will indeed be useful. When the time limit is so short as 3-5 seconds, you lose one second pressing the key and hearing the result.

5. Lemonade,

I'm inclined to agree. The quickest way I usually check at the beginning of the game is alt+1, r to check the rules, and ctrl+pagedown to read the last line, which has the thinking time on it.

6. Nikola,

Yes, this is the way I do it as well. However, I would argue that way takes at least 2 if not even 3 seconds, which is longer than using a single shortcut. In addition, most people play uno with their speech rate set relatively fast, so this one second lost should not be a big deal.

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