Uno 0 7 rule suggestion

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1. Vojvoda ,

So if you activate 0 7 rule in Uno you are able to exchange cards with a player next to you if 0 is played, and you are able to choose which player you wanna exchange your cards with if you play 7 or refuse to exchange cards and play 7 normally.
What if we make it so when you press control enter or shift enter then you exchange your cards, and if you press enter normally on the cards nothing will happen. I personally would love to have it because I would be able to intercept my cards much more efficient especially when no menu appears who do you want to exchange your hand with.
Would this be possible to implement without client update?

2. Aminiel,


I would rather suggest the opposite: Enter would opens the menu while Ctrl+Enter wouldn't.

It's probably better like this. For those who play with 0/7 rule but not interceptions, there wouldn't be any change. I'm perhaps wrong, but I have the impression that if I do as you are suggesting, then some people will complain that the 0/7 rule no longer works.

3. Lemonade,

I could also be wrong, but I thought 0 forced you to exchange? That's how it works in QC anyway, so having the option for 0 would change the game quite a bit.

4. Aminiel,

You are forced to exchange with 0 when all hands turn, but not with 7; you aren't obliged to choose someone to exchange with.

5. Nikola,

I suppose ctrl plus enter to exchange was suggested because it would be much easier to intercept two sevens by pressing enter twice instead of ctrl plus enter. I do believe both could work though.
In regards to your comment about user confusion, I understand it. Did you think about implementing a system where after an update, you can show a message when a user creates a game table? To explain better what I mean with an example: Let's say you implement this suggestion exactly as it is proposed in the original post. After the update, when someone creates or joins a Uno table for the first time, the message could be displayed:
Information: If you play with 07 rule, by default enter now plays a seven without exchanges. If you wish to exchange your hand, use ctrl enter when playing the card.
Of course, such info messages would be displayed only once.

6. Vojvoda ,

I don't think many players use 0 7 rule currently and the main reason might be lack of possibility to intercept sevens, bu the message when you join uno should do the job, and personally I am fine with control enter to intercept fine as well

7. Aminiel,


I'm unable to use Ctrl+Enter nor Shift+Enter. Using these two would require a client update. The next server update will contain the feature, but with the D key.

Why D ? D for direct, and also because D is the last unused key which is quickly accessible with the left hand.

What do you think about this ?

8. Nikola,

Very good idea about the D key in my opinion. If I may suggest one minor thing while we're talking about uno shortcuts. A few weeks ago by accident I have noticed that shift plus left arrow works to draw a card. Why not make that the left arrow instead? Additionally, make the right arrow say Uno, and it would make it much easier to do those two with one hand while checking the top card with the other one. That would be very useful when playing a fast Uno with interceptions. I believe that would not need a client update since left and right is already used in card games with suits, and in Uno they remain unused. Thanks for this update, it already contains quite a lot of fixes. Looking forward to the next reboot :)

9. Fawaz,

I really wish if the old shortcut control left and right to jump to the top and bottum. its easy to access home and end while playing on the laptop, but with full size keyboard, not so easy as control left and right back in days.
thanks for your amazing work in all cases :)

10. Nikola,

While ctrl plus left or right is already used to go to horizontal edges in board games, ctrl up down could work quite well in my opinion. It already goes to the vertical top and bottom, so it would make sense to go to the top or bottom of a vertical only list. I should also make a small request probably to consider for the next client update. When pressing left and right arrows, don't repeat the current item before speaking the newly focused one.

11. Lemonade,

I do not like the left arrow to draw a card, since it's rathre easy to press that by accident if you arrow up and down. The other suggestions are good though, particularly the top/bottom one.

Funny, I actually had way less trouble with home/end on a full size keyboard, versus a laptop keyboard where home and end are on the top row. Either that, or fn+left/right.

12. Nikola,

Good point, didn't think about that one. So in that case shift left draws just like now, and shift right to say uno. While I didn't find myself pressing left often by accident, it can definitely happen.

13. Fawaz,

On the laptop I use numpad so basicaly i press numpad1 for end and numpad7 for the top.
but on the full size keyboard, for whatever reason those keys just work as NVDA cursor, so I have to use real home and end LOL.
in 2012 and before those control hotkeys used to work then suddenly got removed sadly, but we couldn't convince developer to bring it back :D

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