Really annoying, tens of accounts.

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1. Fawaz,

first of all, thanks so much for your great work and for
paying attention to our comments always.
A member called "Abdul rahman" he has about 10-11 accounts!
the really annoying thing is if we ban a account from
a table, he keep coming from each account.
And fool the people by saying non sense like my name is "Bibo" and i'm from Sweden so on.
he has been doing this since long time, and he has got ban before, but the problem his brother "Yul-yu" is also being blocked with him cause both are on same connection.
Except that account, all from that connection is Abdul rahman.
Abdul rahman, Alex, Bibo, Bobo, Bajy, Bajo, Mimo94, Morino, Sofio, Bashar_alkenany.
might more there, those i caught only from my last free table.
I copied these names from history file, fawaz ban alex from the table... so on.
So please consider ban those and if there is any way to leave his brother's account please do it, he doesn't have any crime to take punishment of his brother's non sense verbs.
thanks a lot again,
best regards.

2. Raki,

This issue has been going on now for over a year, I really don't understand why the admins haven't delt with this.
1 guy entering a table with 10 of his accounts over and over, really starts to get annoying.
Hopefully this gets sorted.

3. abdulrahman,


they aren't my accounts

fawaz mentioned my friends, not my accounts

i have only 1 account wich that's abdulrahman

so dont believ fawaz, he's liar
cause for lying that's fawaz is my enemy

also rocky is my enemy

alex: my friend from usa
bajy and bajo: 2 bros from canada
bobo and bibo: also bros from switzerland

so admin don't believ fawaz and other his friends, they are liars

i forgot others fawaz mention them

bashar_alkenany: a fellow guy from syria
sofio: from england
marino: from New Zealand

so don't believ my enemy: fawaz

Latest edition by abdulrahman, Jul 27 2014 05:36:15

4. Raki,

Really, arguing over this is kind of pointless and childish, we all know the truth, and if the admins do a simple check, they’ll know also.

That people can be so immature, boggles my mind.

5. MalikAlhazeen ,

Hi there.
The most players knows that those accounts for one guy, and everyday he disturbing us.
He like to dupe the others, he really enjoying that.
People can't enjoy talking while he going from table to table disturbing us.
I tryed to contact you through /help command, but no one responded.
We hope to find a solution to his annoying acts.

6. alex,


abdulrhman is right
i'm alex from the states and i'm abdulrhman's friend

as fawaz mentions: they aren't abdul's account
and also i'm not abdul's account

i have only 5 friends

abdulrhman, bajy, bajo, bobo and bibo

as fawaz mentions people we dont know them or know them a little
they are
bashal_alkanany, sofio and morino fawaz mention it but wrong spelling
abdul has only 1 account., and i knew him very well
cause he's my best friend
abdul has only 1 account
if he's banned: he never enters.

abdul Has dignity, if he kicked or banned he never joins. also i'm sure he has only 1 user account wich is abdulrhman

i mean abdulrahman

7. marino,


fawaz: you mentioned me in abdulrahman's accounts
first of all: i'm not his account
i know abdulrahman a little
i heard about him and i think he got 5 accounts
and they are:
alex, bajy, bajo, bobo and bibo
bout bashar_alkenany, sofio and memo they aren't him
their english is good, not similar to abdulrhman

since you know all of his accounts: there are many steps you can do it so any bad people can't join you

  1. if you are in the table and if you're the table master: you can ban an user before joining
  2. you. to do it: press control+b: then choose more
    if an user isn't online: simply choose more: then enter an username that you want playr to be ban : then press enter
  3. you can simply block an user. simply press control+u: then choose a player if he's online
  4. then press enter: then choose block
    or: press f9, than choose blocked users list. then choose block an user
    then: choose user from the list

if that user isn't online: simply chose more: then enter username to block
that's should helps
i forgot other way

to block an user:
simply type for the folloing chat commands in the chat edit textbox: "/block <usernam>
replayce <username> wich the user that you wish to block
type it without quotes
best regards

Latest edition by marino, Jul 28 2014 00:21:59

8. Raki,

really, this is hilarious.
I'm not understanding why the admens haven't acted yet.

9. Fawaz,

Indeed something frustrating.

10. bobo,

i'm bobo from geneva, switzerland
please dont believ fawaz, raki and marino: they are enemies of abdulrahman

fawaz, raki and marino are wrong
i'm abdulrahman's friend, not his account
also bibo:
he is my brother and he is not account of abdulrahman
also bajy and bajo: they are his friends and i know them well

11. abdullah,

;This is true.

;It is doing so much inconvenience in this game.

And you can be sure of these heinous acts through its own ip number

Thank you very much. ;Cooperation and effort on the extreme for the sake of the happiness of your members.

12. abdulrahman,

alex and bobo are right
dont believ yel: he is lair and he's my brother and my enemy
he's fawaz's friend also

Latest edition by abdulrahman, Jul 29 2014 23:34:20

13. Aminiel,

Please send us logs prooving what you are saying, otherwise we can't do anything.

14. abdulrahman,

they can make fake logs if possible
so don't believ my enemies: fawaz, fjj111jjf, imthecampraki. and marino

15. abdullah,

Aminiel, i I am his older brother. ;And I bear witness that annoying.

You can check the number of ip why you do not do this.

Unfortunately. ;I am using the same router by the same vate ip number. ;But no problem. ;The interest of the most important players.

Latest edition by abdullah, Jul 30 2014 12:47:07

16. abdulrahman,

dont believ him
he's right but he's my brother/enemy
you'll sea that alex has different IP, also bajy and bajo, bobo and bibo

Latest edition by abdulrahman, Jul 30 2014 12:51:39

17. Fawaz,

simply You can check the IP, although, how can I send the Log? by Contact page or what?
by pasting there or anyway to attach it?

18. abdulrahman,

the IP is not way to know person to have more than 1 account
i know many people
who're using account on oreginal ip address on 1 computer and other computers with other account with vpn setupd
the IP is not proof

Latest edition by abdulrahman, Jul 30 2014 14:24:24

19. helleon,

I mean this is getting pathetic, abdulrahman has been giving us th same info about his accounts since h first created them. Personally, I think all his accounts should b banned. By the way, I wuld also like to mention that the other account on the IP address, Abdullah AKA Yul-yu AKA Brighstar95 is not Abdulrahman. So if you can ban all of the othr accounts apart from that one, please do. Because it#s really annoying entering free tables, where he is banned, enters with another acocount, banned again, enters, over and over again, until finally he has none left to enter with. Cheers, Patrick aka Braillekid.

20. abdulrahman,

the admin can't believ you untel you send the log via email
i have only 1 account and i'm not enemy of playroom team
alex and bobo are right

Latest edition by abdulrahman, Jul 30 2014 16:59:37

21. Aminiel,

Send us by e-mail using contact page

22. Fawaz,

I uploaded to 2 log files on my account at dropbox, and have been sent to You successfully.
"Your e-mail has been successfully sent. Thank you !"
looking forward to seeing your actions.
thanks a lot.

Latest edition by Fawaz, Jul 30 2014 20:10:04

23. abdulrahman,

look what fawaz typed in his fakelog
fawaz is liar, he write log by him self
dont believ him

24. MalikAlhazeen ,

Hi there.
I sent you an email with logs and it sent successfully, please take a look at this as soon as possible.

25. bajy,

fawaz and his friends are liars
i'm bajy from canada, and my bro bajo from canada

we're friends of abdulrahman
as fawaz sends you a log
he banning my friends and they think that accounts of abdulrahman
so: don't believ fawaz and his friends
best regards: bajy brody

26. Raki,


A simple check of IP address will show you that he has about 12 accounts from the same IP.
The whole playroom, I think is united in wanting these accounts band.
These accounts, like several players have explained before me, just makes the playroom annoying, and the experience is not as good as it should be.
Several players have already told me they’ve sent logs to you; I’m not sure what else you need.
Anyway, a basic glance at the posts by those accounts on this topic should tell you all you need to no.
It’s laughable how abdulrahman takes us all for fools.
If they weren’t the same person, they wouldn’t join every free table, every day, one after another.
It’s really, vary obvious.

I hope you get this resolved ASAP.

27. bibo,

the ip check is not a way to know person to have more than 1 account
some people can creating molople account with different ip adresses using vpn
and about abdulrahman:
me and his friends normaly join to know why abdul has banned e.g, but not always
best regards:
bibo marky

28. afrim,

I read all this comments above and the only fact that proofs that all those accounts belong to Abdulrahman is the wrong spelling word he uses in almost every comment with his “friends” who are in fact the same account. The word is “believ”, where he must write believe, not believ.
If you could notice, this word was written by all, abdulrahman, bibo, Marino, and all the others that commented on this topic.
So thanks for taking consideration to this, and looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you in advance!

29. Raki,

Guys, if you have, please help by sending history logs of abdulrahman and his accounts Simultaneously entering free tables.
Thanks alot

30. LaraStardust,

hello peoples
although i can not send a history file to prove this as i dont bother keeping logs, i can further confurm that abdulrahmen is alex and the formentioned accounts in the first post of this forum. I think not only is it highly annoying for one person to have more than 1 account, but i believe it to be highly immature and pointless that he should keep up this game of sharrards even on the forums. And the fact that he is saying "use vpn" Well how do you know that abdul? Perhaps because your using it? I'm not about to have an argument on a forum about something that has been clearly proven, but i will side my point with imthechampraki fowaze and the rest of the guys who believe abdul to be multipul accounts. Witch, I'd like to point out is about 80 percent of the playroom.
The-devilishly devilish devil

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