Play music in the game room. question and suggestions.

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1. facelessghost,

Hello everyone!
I did not find information on this.
Please tell me what links does the game room support for listening to the audio stream?
I want to invite the administration of the game room to make it possible to play any files as implemented in the TeamTalkClassic client.
the user presses the keys, the program offers to open the file, and soon the audio is played.
Of course, with the consent of other participants.
It is also useful to implement file playback by links.
from cloud storage.
icloud, google, onedrive, etc.
Thanks in advance for your reply!

2. Fawaz,

it plays from onedrive or whichever if you have the direct link, formats supported not sure, but mp3 works fine, and I noticed that m4a didn't work.

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