A bugged ban?

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1. rowroad,

Hey guys,
So I've been having a strange bug when I log onto Playroom with my account Rowroad from the QC Playroom client it tells me that I have been banned from the server, the reason being multi account, and the ban is valid for 19732 days ( which equals to about 54 years.) However, when I log on the web client it seems to be fine.
I have honestly not made another account, as Rowroad has been there and I see no reason to create another account. Thoughts? I would really appreciate this getting a look over.
Best regards,

2. deathdragon,

Lol? that's just. lol? Yeah, don't know, just ask an admin or something.

3. Darkwolf,

that's a rediculous period imo. especially without warning which leads to issues such as this. Even in a valid case at least one should be notified of which alternate account is supposedly their's so they can properly address the situation.

4. rowroad,

Yep. I have no idea that happened. I haven't logged in Playroom in a while. I have only installed it on this computer and thought to log on and got that message. The last time I logged on it was working perfectly.

5. marina7,

the ban was not made by the English part of the playroom; but however, we have checked your problem, and it turn out that you have at least 5 accounts if not more.
Contrary to what you have said, 2 of which were created yesterday.
How would you explain that?
I am sure that my colleagues would have warned you, or at least warned your other accounts, but because of the timezone differences I can't clarify that right now.
anyway, I am waiting your explanation about that matter.
the helpers team.

6. rowroad,

Uh, wow. I promise you that I have not made any accounts yesterday. Could you see the names of the accounts?
I in all honesty did not make any accounts, though I did try to log on Rowroad a couple of times to see if it is still there.
I'm not sure how it is saying I have made two accounts, because I never needed any account other than the one I've had ever since I got into Playroom.

7. Darkwolf,

I've been following this issue from Rowroad's side ever since it was brought to his attention and I can personally assure you that there are no other accounts created by him.
The only thing I can think of is a test we mutually conducted which was in fact yesterday which I will not disclose here, or to anyone except you and Eminiel.
Nor has he received any warning on either his old or new email addresses regarding the block.

8. YNWA,

If they looked at your IP address and you had used each other's account then it would be registered as a different/new account you had used.

9. Darkwolf,

If someone else logs in to an already existing account from a different IP then that account would not show as being created on that day. Anyone can see when an account was created, even you. I would imagine the admins should know to check for such things.

10. Vojvoda ,

Admins seem to not be able to handle this for a long long long time. I have a lot of Serbian friends who were banned just after creating their accounts, and believe me, they are not even able to create account by themselves. After complaining on the forum for such friend, I got an answer on this forum, from a helper that we should stop crying on the forum when it happens.
can't say who tells the truth here, but I had similar experiences with my friends, so I have to be supporting a little more banned guy.
Definitelly something should be changed.

11. Darkwolf,

I know for a fact that Rowroad is telling the truth, I also know that the information displayed to the admins is as they say. Which is why I believe that this is no more than an error in the system, simply misinterpreted as a fault on the part of the player. But I also understand that there is no way of convincing the admins of this based on nothing more than the word of yet another player. All I can do is humbly ask that the above mentioned possibility is considered.

12. deathdragon,

no idea where this is gonna go, intrested though. So, if he is telling the truth, there's a bug in the system? and if the info the admins are getting is correct, then uh. not sure how there going to solve this, do they just un bann him? It's quite hard to decide, or do they have a way of solving the issue? i'm just thinking about it from both sides, with no information to go off except the posts i've been reading.

13. Darkwolf,

That's where an investigation comes in. If it is discovered to be a bug which I'm certain is the case then the other supposed accounts belong to other players which have somehow murged with his.
I am curious however as to how it turned out to be on the same account, as I understand it one can only have one player account per email. Or is it multiple accounts in which case, again, how is that conclusion reached?

14. rowroad,

I'm not sure. I know for a fact that you do have to validate your email, so there's no way the other accounts just had the chance to stumble onto my email and had it working, though you guys might have to correct me on that.
I haven't given anyone my email, so it's highly highly doubtful. Over 5 accounts couldn't have guessed the exact email unless it was an attempt to target me specifically, which again is probably doubtful.
It might be a fault in the system itself. However, all I can provide as proof is scarce; I've loved this client and I've read its rules and I would never violate them, so honestly when I saw this I did not know what to do. I thought about posting it in bug reports because it is clearly a bug.
What's more, when I used to play on my other laptop (which I cannot use anymore) it worked perfectly fine. I've wondered if there's something wrong with my computer, going so far as to check Firewall, but it just turns out that there are a bunch of accounts that somehow are tied to mine. Other than the email bit, which again is very highly doubtful, I'm not sure how they got tied to me.
Cheers and I do apologize for all the mess.

15. Darkwolf,

I find it rather disturbing that since the last post almost 1 month ago, little to nothing has been done to remedy this situation. This player's account is still locked for an unreasonable period by any standard, almost 20,000 days which amounts to over 53 years, for goodness sake.
It is also worth noting that of the 3 names given which are supposedly connected to this account, I have only found one which exists. The other two, which incidentally were the first given, do not.
The account in question by the way was created in early 2011, which is in no way recent as has previously been argued.
I am quite sorry to say that the more I sift through the information collected on my part alone, without the priviledges and abilities of a mod or admin, the more reason I find to believe that this is eitehr a horrible misunderstanding. The alternative is even more concerning, in which case the matter goes beyond the banned player in question and concerns any potencial user who frequents the playroom.
I sincerely hope that this case is revisitted and considered, PROPERLY, without predjudous, and that the people involved on either party remember that there is no shame in admission, of any kind. Not when the alternative is the cause of issues such as this.
Thank you.

16. Cristina,

I think the system bans all these accounts and not admin or a helper.
If any of those would do it, I think they would mention a certain period of baning and not such a random one like that mentioned by rowroad.
The fact is, all the players who are complaining they got banned for no reason, they got such a weird message when they tried to log in.
I doubt an admin or a helper would ban someone for so many years.
Furthermore, if more players share the same internet connection because they are at the school or live on the same house, is it right to ban them thinking there are multiple accounts used by a single person just because it appears the same IP address?
This happened to many romanian mates who were playing on here. Many of them logged in from the scholl they're studying or working and they got banned for years.
They do not have multiple accounts and I think everybody would consider it weir to be banned just because they log in from the school.
I agree with the other posters, there's a bug and because of it the players are banned.
This is what the admin should fix it somehow if there's any possibility to do it.

17. YNWA,

Marina7 said it was not the English helpers that banned them so they should place their comments on the forum in the language where they were banned. Maybe Spannish but I ccan't remember or contact those helpers.

Question for Aminiel, why is it possible for banned users to access the PR via the web?

Your other point Cristina, it has been said in the past that users are supposed to contact helpers and tell them they are at school, college or other places where there could be multiple players using the PR. I agree many don't speak English well but surely someone could point out where a school/college would be. Over time the helpers/admin could have a list where the known schools/colleges are so less need for users to do this. In the UK 3 blind colleges and not much schools now and soon will get even less. I will guess there are only a handful of places in Romania and other countries.

Latest edition by YNWA, Jun 10 2019 12:37:03

18. Vojvoda ,

May I ask if the helpers contacted you privately, otherwise it would be very, very, very unprofessional from them. Since you got an answer on this topic saying: "waiting for your answer".
You even asked them what were the accounts names, and no response was given here. I just would like to remind all the staff members that this problem keeps happening and that other players should be also informed what is going on, take this serious because this could happen to anyone of us, and in fact it is happening to a lot of people.
To be honest your system of detecting multiple accounts is terrible. I know people who have two accounts for years and they were never banned.
This system rather seems kinda automatical. Bunch of people were banned with a reason using proxy. Tell me how many times did any helper ask a player if he is using a proxy or his internet in his dorm for example, goes wia proxy?

19. Darkwolf,

Christina: Whether it was the system or an admin/mod that placed this ban is irrelevant. The staff has been notified and still nothing has been done. It is unprofessional, unreasonable and utterly rediculous. Rather than investigate the case and considering even the possibility of a bug, which it seems to be so the more information is gathered, who ever is involved would apparently rather shrug it off and and claim deceit on the part of the agrieved. Yet it was not the player in question who submitted two names which do not exist claiming they are of the same account. The members of staff who did respond said that the additional accounts were recent, yet the only one which does exist of the 3 given names has been around since April of 2011. By who's standards is that recent?
YNWA: Where the ban was placed is just as irreleveant as who placed it. If it was the result of a bug or misunderstanding as we are slowly establishing, then I should hope that the admins, or ADMIN, (singular superlative) would have the capacity to override the system on his own platform especially considering it's clearly a flawed one.
Kotoamatsukami: A moderater responded in private but neither I nor Rowroad feel it prudent or even necessary to mention any names here where everyone can see. It is relevant enough to say that there have been 3, 2 of which do not exist as I have since confirmed. The other, as I have mentioned above, is a relatively old account.

20. YNWA,

The point is I said Aminiel has said in a previous post that if you have issues you should contact the person who has made the ban to try to resolve that issue with them. Factually on that point Aminiel is correct. In any walk of life you start at the bottom of the chain and work your way up. If I had an issue with my internet I would call up my internet company first not take it straight to the European court of human rights.

21. Nikola,

How exactly do you even know who banned you? That info is nowhere available. You can assume it is the helper team of a given language, however that does not always need to be true.

22. Darkwolf,

Ynwa: "The point is I said Aminiel has said in a previous post that if you have issues you should contact the person who has made the ban to try to resolve that issue with them."
Alright YNWA, as soon as you point out where on this thread was such a post and then exactly how we are supposed to know who issued the ban, we'll get right to that. Otherwise this is all we have, which still should not be ignored given the nature of the situation.

23. YNWA,

There are issues with the PR and perhaps there will always be. It looks from what I can see that you get admin making bans and helpers making bans but are not always coordinated. The fact the rules haven't been updated for maybe 7 years tells you everything. It said in the original job description for helpers that helpers must be connected regularly but we all know that is not true. You can appeal to the admin or Aminiel but after that you will have to take outside advice if you want to take it further.

24. Darkwolf,

I've long since wanted to take this up with the ADMIN directly but other than the contact form on the site I know of no other means by which to get a hold of him, and I don't know who else may read that.

25. YNWA,

You know who the admin are and if not check the staff page. If you don't speak french then you will have to find someone who can translate for you.

26. Nikola,

No Ynwa, you cannot do this the way you think you can. Sure thing, you have the admin names on the contact page and then what? Regular users do not have ways to contact admins privately other than the contact page. Rules were actually updated on the French side a few times, nobody just translated those updates over here.

27. Vojvoda ,

It's not about rules here nor we need to ask aminiel what should our banned friend do. We should get explanations why this keeps happening. And why noone cares to fix this issues which are made by persons or system, however a banned person doesn't care if someone banned him randomly or some automatic system did it, he is just banned for no reason. My friends were banned right after creating an account on here so what rules are we exactly talking about here?

28. YNWA,

If new rules have not been translated then someone is not doing their job properly. I know on one of the gaming websites people have complained about the PR there in the past and I feel lessons have not been learnt.

29. helleon,

Some helper-admin is out there, in my view, getting great enjoyment out of this. I also heard of people complaining about the helpers being completely unreasonable on other servers. I only play on the English side, and it's clear to me that Marina, at least, whenever I've seen her online, is not out to ban or remove anyone unfairly, and I've so far seen no corruption on the English side in terms of any of the other mods either. But there's something seriously wrong here

30. YNWA,

Not sure it is fair to say admin/helpers get great enjoyment out of banning people. Things do have to improve though.

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