A bug in the latest update

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1. Nikola,

Hello. There's a weird bug since the update of yesterday. When you press ctrl plus f, the friends list does show up properly. However now, if you press escape and try ctrl f again, it wont work. Pressing ctrl plus f will do nothing, and to fix it it seems to be enough to send a private message to somebody.
Edit: The same thing happens with online users list as well.

Latest edition by Nikola, Aug 5 2019 11:08:44

2. Everyone,

I can confirm that this happens on my end as well.

3. Vojvoda ,

Same here

4. Cristina,

Yes, the same here.
I kept pressing f11 and nothing. After when I've pressed tab to history and so on, it had worked again.

5. Dayan,

It's random. When it wants, it appears. No need to send a message to someone but sometimes the command simply doesn't react.

6. Nikola,

Yep, I have noticed that it is not about sending a message but rather waiting some time, about 15 seconds or so and then all will work. Seems that this is the case for many things, the same thing happens if you for example try to press w multiple times you will see it works only once which is obviously less important than the things mentioned in the first post.

7. Riad,

If you open the forum and close it within the client before pressing the friends list shortcut then it will work.

8. Nikola,

it actually wont, at least not for me, unless you do it slow enough so that about 15 seconds or so pass.

9. Vojvoda ,

It works for me if I go via f9 menu.

10. tiny,

yeah that's a right bug

11. Nikola,

Hello. So admins don't have to answer on 2 separate forums, French community has also discovered this, and an administrator cleared it up and said that this is not a bug but an intentional behaviour change. There is now a delay when using these commands to help prevent slowdowns of the server. I also had the idea that this could be another spam filter, and it's indeed now confirmed. If you do speak French, source is http://qcsalon.net/fr/forum3/topic49948

12. Everyone,

I was actually wondering if it had something to do with spam prevention. I guess I wasn't too far off!

13. tiny,

what? they did it because of spam prevention? wow. what a super and great job, lol

14. Nikola,

It's not such a big deal, eventually you will get used to it. However, if I was Aminiel I would allow the command at least twice in that time period, not once. It's not so infrequent to open friends list twice quickly.

15. tiny,

yeah we can get used to these. brilliant. i offer they apply the same thing, for prevent people from creating same game tables quickly again and again and again, so, when we create a game, and left, then we want to create the same again, it prevents us. i bet this one is more useful than the current unreasonable one, people can prevent themselves from getting spams, they can block all people giving spams to them, believe me, admin. d

Latest edition by tiny, Aug 9 2019 18:02:58

16. zymbabwex,

@tiny, you're right on this one

17. tiny,

the same thing applied if you press like ctrl w and escape, it won't work for a while. i can't even get how this went at admins fingertips

18. Nikola,

Again, it is there to prevent the server from slowing down due to spam of such requests. It applies to any command, except game commands of course.

19. tiny,

yeah i know but, that's still unreasonable to prevent spams that way. so, what i ment was, how that way of preventing went at admins fingertips. it's our business to prevent getting spams with the options such as making only friend, or block some crazy people. which in fact, most people behave on a correct way here, here are some crazy people. so, surprisingly and unbelievably enough, admin chose to apply that rule not because of majority people's behavior, but minority!

20. Nikola,

Hi. It's not that type of spam. It is a server spam, not somebody being rude to you and spamming you. You also cannot just ban everybody. People sometimes do these things without realizing that it is slowing the server down. Blocking and privacy options are great to prevent you being spammed, but that does not help the server in any way which is why this was implemented from what I understand.

21. Everyone,

Welcome to life, enjoy your stay.

22. tiny,

hmm. so, increasing servers space or improving will fix this. so it can solve the problem for the server, but hopefully one day we will get rid of this limitation after increasing the space or improving.

23. Everyone,

Well, there's always the donate button if you want that to happen...

24. Vojvoda ,

tini have you thought that developer can know a little more about his own game that he made with his 10 fingers than you do?
Do you think that he did this just to troll us? Do you maybe think that you know coding better than him, or is it something else?

25. tiny,

you'd better stay silence. people don't know everything. so, to make you calm down, no. i didn't know but discussed somethings and got that. anyway, this is a bad limitation. without a doubt.

26. Vojvoda ,

I better stay silence and you were the one who was talking as deweloper would not know what he's doing

27. tiny,

i know what i'm talking about, a bad limitation that happened which we hope one day we get rid of it. now finally after discussing somethings i did understand why that happened, but your talking none-sense about coding stuff or do you know this do you know that which is not related to this bug at all, so, ok i don't know. but i'm sure you yourself don't know much about those kind of things too. so, let's talk just about this bug or limitation or whatever people call it

28. Everyone,

Yes, we know you are unhappy. You've still neglected to mention why, though.

Let's take your ctrl+w example. If you're looking for someone in particular, you have the friends list for that, including automatic announcements when one of your friends logs in. There really shouldn't be any need for you to press ctrl+w multiple times within 15 seconds, or ctrl+f for that matter.

Is it an inconvenience that you can't do this anymore? Yes, perhaps. But seriously, why does this bother you so much? Does this even affect you at all? Do you regularly get into situations where you have to check your friend list multiple times within 15 seconds? If so, then you should take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself if it's really necessary to do that, or if you can find the information some other way. Right now, you're making yourself sound like you're extremely lazy and don't want to adapt at all. I very rarely run across scenarios where the friends list or the forum or whatever doesn't show up because of this limitation. And when I do, I definitely don't lose any sleep over it. But if you can provide some examples, maybe people will actually understand where you're coming from and you won't have to defend yourself so aggressively with remarks like 'You'd better stay silence'.

29. tiny,

it is none of your business what i'm doing about this or not, we're talking about a limitation. so, close your mouth and don't talk about what that's not relates to you. also about ctrl w, that's none of your business why i'm doing that. can you understand this?

30. PowerBank,

@everyone so, does the reporter of this bug need to press ctrl+f multiple times? if it's not the case why are you attacking this way

Latest edition by PowerBank, Aug 9 2019 22:03:24

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