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not a known error in the game "6 takes".

facelessghost 3 YNWA,

Problems with mobile site

Hattan1111 1 marina7,



Submitting new questions for quiz

darklordsshewolf 7 YNWA,

Android and the web client

Nikola 4 Nikola,

A possible bug with bots

Nikola 5 Vojvoda ,

Bots are sometimes mad in Backgammon

Nikola 5 The-Queen,

Bug with friends list.

Dayan 4 helleon,

Link to English Instructions for Battleship Leads to Nonexistent Page

RosieKitty 5 Adventure-Time,

Gameroom announces text twice in boarders

kumandan 1 Nikola,

Forum questions show up as "your inbox" in window title

kumandan 0 kumandan,

Sounds dont work.

pikseldash 1 Nikola,

German game descriptions missing

Gianfranco 1 Aminiel,

Bug with reversi

Ferrumite 7 N0b0dy,

Bug related with account creation

Dayan 0 Dayan,

Some translation issues

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Bug in web client, probably before reported.

Jane 6 Aminiel,

Client crash in Scopa

N0b0dy 7 Aminiel,

Expanding a table in general statistics

Nikola 4 Nikola,

changing my contact info

BellaBlack666 3 BellaBlack666,

Error in the mechanism of friends.

facelessghost 8 facelessghost,

Monopoly bug

Vojvoda 7 Nikola,

Mismatch in game of Hearts.

facelessghost 5 YNWA,

great bugs on citadels

tiny 8 Aminiel,

bug when playing citadel beta and skipping someones turn

austen 0 austen,

NVDA will not speak information in the Web Client

slannon 1 Nikola,

There seems to be a bug with 1000 miles

kumandan 7 Blindgamer28,

edit field not working on texas holdem

pooch754 1 Aminiel,

Bug with web client on iOS

kumandan 2 Aminiel,

Incorrect player count in Zanzibar

Nikola 0 Nikola,

the name of a bott

LaraStardust 3 YNWA,

Bug with the client.

RadioPierpaolo 2 RadioPierpaolo,

bug in menapoly you can't buy the publick toilet

mhr91358 5 helleon,

Issue with the Playroom when using the web client on iPhone

helleon 0 helleon,

Bug (or translation problems) with some games.

Dayan 32 StormProductions,

bug in uno

Qais 5 Vojvoda ,


joseeduardo 1 Nikola,

1000 miles bug with right of way cards

whozitken 0 whozitken,

Home page not updated for over a year

Nikola 4 Aminiel,

uno speed for bots

musiclover 4 keyWasFull,

Possible Belote bug

Vojvoda 2 Vojvoda ,

A bug relating to the web client.

Mazdak 4 Mazdak ,

Bug with Zanzibar or simply a mistake in the rules?

Nikola 4 Nikola,

A possible bug related to doubling the score in backgammon

Adventure-Time 2 Adventure-Time,

Any Playroom Users can't install Playroom Client for Windows.

emre 4 Nikola,

A bug about the version of playroom.

Mazdak 6 Sajad-Aliraqi,

monopoly bug for me

garden-lady 1 YNWA,

1000 miles and the web client.

Nikola 4 Nikola,

And the Bug Strikes Again: Game-ending Proof

JLove 1 Aminiel,

Texas Holdem: Potentially Game-Ending Bugs for Players

JLove 0 JLove,

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