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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

A new game just appeared. But this time, you have to discover the rules on your own !

This topic will remain open so that you can share your observations. IF you really have no idea, small clues will be given during the week-end.

Have fun !

2. MuhammadHajjar,

That's nice. Now I'm trying it with one of my friends, as well as trying to understand it. :D.

3. dalimidvecimidvenedali,

Hehe nice, it seems to be tricky game... :)

4. Adventure-Time,

And who said we won'T be getting any breaking news yoo? What a nice surprise there! Veeerry excited to check this game out as soon as I come back home. Can't wait for that.

5. Cristina,

yees, this is a nice, funny, interesting game. I've figured out already how it works. smile

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Thank you Aminiel for this new game. I don't know how to play it, but it seems a nice game.
Yeah, good step. Thank you again!

7. AcaaFaaca ,

I don't understand.

8. majoz,

We've tried it out and it seems as if it's an april joke. :D

9. YNWA,

It is not a joke but you are unable to set the score or number of rounds. If you can win aces you gain points! Also with 3 players the player in the middle picks up the cards and gains or looses points. for example if there is a5 of hearts and a 9 of hearts and you play 6, 7 or 8 you will loose points. if you play 2, 3, 4 or 5 of hearts you will make the player with the 6 of hearts win the trick. If you play 10, jack, queen of hearts then the player with 9 of hearts will pick up the trick!

Hope this helps a bit!

Latest edition by YNWA, Apr 2 2016 01:34:00

10. Adventure-Time,

Yep, that's pretty much what I've discovered. The player in the middle gets the trick. Not really sure when the winner gains and or loses points. Also, from time to time, the trick winner is said to roll two dice and depending on what he rolls, he either gets or loses points again. It seemed to me as if you always lose points after rolling any combination that leads you to an eight. The 1 1 roll gives 5 points, 1 3 is for 2 points I think.

11. AcaaFaaca ,

You roll the dice when trick includes 8 or the jack. If both cards are included in the trick, noone rolls the dice. The winner is the pleyer that is on the second place. For example: Marry 150 points, , John has -100 points, Steev has -99 points and Saddy has 52 points. Saddy is the winner!
When game ends I really don't kno.

12. guliwer,

About roll dice. When sum is less than 7 you get the diferrence, when you roll 1 1 you get 5 points when 15 1 point. When the sum is high then 7 you loose points when you roll 6 6 you loose 5 points, if 2 6 you loose 1 point.

13. Adventure-Time,

Here's another little thing we discovered a while ago. If a trick contains cards from 1 to 9, the winner loses points. The way it'S counted is simple, the sum of all cards played in the trick multiplied by two. For instance, when having a trick containing 2, 8 and 9 of clubs, the one who played the 8 of clubs wins the trick and loses the incredible 38 points.

Latest edition by Adventure-Time, Apr 2 2016 12:23:19

14. Aminiel,

Congratulations, you have found already quite a lot of things !

Keep trying for the scoring rule, it's not that correct though.

Let's wait another day before telling you the whole solution.

15. Cristina,

i tend to think that just those points matter what we gain or lose when we can roll.
I mean that just after rolling our score can be positive or if it is negative will became positive if we get good dices.

I've also noticed, that just when we win a trick with ace, we will gain also points.
in rest it says that we win trick, but the score is negative. It must be the revers of boilla in this case. There it's not good when we win a trick, but the score is positive, not negative as it is in this game.
Ok, I am not sure, but maybe Aminiel has given us a clue when put the rules of boiillabaisse instead of those for this game. smile

16. YNWA,

who says you get nothing for finnishing second! lol

17. musiclover,

the game is cool

18. Cristina,

Ah, there's not score limit or a possibility of choosing how many rounds to play, because this game has 8 rounds. Then putting the rules of boiillabaisse was a clue as I said above, because there's not score limit too and it has six rounds. smile And who is on the second place when the game is over, will be the winner.

Latest edition by Cristina, Apr 3 2016 04:59:03

19. Colibriy,

Hey guys, another curious fact about the game: it holds up to 12 players like ninety nine... Isn't that awesome? :D.

Latest edition by Colibriy, Apr 3 2016 22:14:28

20. Aminiel,

Hello all,

Thank you for trying out this game! You have quickly noticed that it was an April fool joke. However, this small and completely stupid game still had a logic and you successfully managed to discover the most part. Congratulations!
Finally, I may not have a so crazy mind...

Here is in brief all what you had to find:

I hope that you enjoyed this animation!

See you soon,

21. YNWA,

Here in the UK the person playing the joke after 12 noon becomes the fool. So Aminiel you are the fool!

However, as it happens I still like it and it is a game because you have to finnish second! So whatever you do don't get rid of it!

22. Adventure-Time,

"Aces have nothing particular except their high points valu, the sound was a false track"
Hahaha. I think your mind is more than crazy. :D This game is so funny and bizarre. Just as I like it. Thanks for makin' me laugh. Please please. Put this game back to the list. I'd love to come back to it later and play again with my fellow friends. We gotta have some more ace fishing, especially now when we understand the rules to the very least detail. And it's a nice memory after all
So long, and thanks for all the fish. :D

23. Colibriy,

And, finally he got rid of it. I had liked the idea because this is not the classic trick taking game where the highest card won, but the average one. But whatever, it was a simple joke where as always happens, the fooled person takes to home a bitter taste to his mouth.

Best regards.

24. trol ,

hi, this game was fun :p

25. Everyone,

Hahaha that's hilarious. I wouldn't mind if you put it back, just so we can play something radically different. Just put a disclaimer on the game and/orwebsite stating that this was an april fools joke and that the rules were never meant to make sense.

26. each-and-everythinh ,

yeah i agree , as much as it was strange , it was nice to have some fun

27. Adventure-Time,

Definitely was. I can imagine quite easily running a fishing aces tournament every 1st of April. Whyy not.

28. karar,

it was a nice game

29. Cristina,

Thank you Aminiel for making me to laugh and congratulation for this great april fool joke. :D
Just a genious mind can produce something like that.
It was really great and what's surprising, many of us enjoyed it and even ask to have that game back on pr. smile
Ok, if you ever will bring it back here, then please allow us to choose how many rounds to play, because eight were quite much. laughing
Thank you again, Cristina.

30. musiclover,

can u put it back

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